10 Best Looks of Deepika Padukone which made us Stop and Stare

Deepika Padukone never fails to make a style statement. Every time she steps out, she makes heads turn. Whether it was her airport looks or her donning a sari, she knows how to SLAY, all while making it seem totally effortless. She can rock almost anything- from leather pants to monochrome outfits, and serve you with some impeccable style inspiration. 

Right from the start of her career, her first film Om Shanti Om iconised her character Shanti Priya’s style, especially the retro pink ensemble. She then went on to do films like Cocktail, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Tamasha, Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani that have serves as style inspiration for a wide range of fashion mongers. She’s been a phenomenon and she’s never looking back. 

As she celebrated her birthday today, we track back some of her finest looks from the last two years. Take a look.

Leather Fever 

Thanks to Deepika, Gen-Z is now head over heels for this trend. She was seen sporting leather pants on different occasions, mixing and matching different patterns and materials giving us an end result of FABULOUS fits. Making her look edgy and bold, Deepika rocked this ‘Biker Chick’ aesthetic. The touch of gold with the hoops was a fine way to break from the all-black look whilst maintining the vibe that she was set out to serve. 

Deepika Padukone

Monochrome from Head-to-Toe

It’s not easy to dress up in the same colour from top to bottom and pull it off like an ultimate fashionista, but well, that’s what makes her Deepika Padukone. She totally nailed the monotone athleisure looks, often sporting them at airports. Here she gave the trend a little twist with a pair of flared leather pants. Comfy and chic never looked so sexy!

Deepika Padukone

Desi Girl

She made headlines with her yellow saree with hints of powder blue, and for all the right reasons. She looked like the true embodiment of Summer. Keeping it simple yet elegant always works for her as we can see with this look. Another tip to take from Deepika is how to keep your accessories minimal so that all eyes focus on your stunning outfit.

Deepika Padukone

Taking Corsets for a spin

Deepika is known to add her twist to every trend and she did just that with the statement piece of the year- Corsets. While most opted to wear corset dresses or tops, she took it up a notch by wearing it over her baggy white shirt. Pair it with baggy jeans and voila! You have an outfit that everyone would want to steal. Some chunky gold jewellery and that dewy blush makeup, she looks insanely stylish in this quirky outfit.

Deepika Padukone

Do It ‘Runway’ Style

If she knows how to rock athleisure, she also knows how to slay grand, flamboyant gowns. Take a look at this hot pink number. The material, the cuts, the frills and of course, the colour, everything fits in just right. It’s not too much, it’s not too less, it’s just… Perfect. She pairs it with her trademark low messy bun and big drop earrings and nothing else, classic Deepika Padukone touch. 

Deepika Padukone

Back To Black

Black is classy, elegant and bold- the 3 words that also describe Deepika Padukone so it is only fair that she serves some looks in this colour that feels like it’s just made for her. She looks ethereal in this black saree which is simple yet full of textures. The asymmetrical spin on the traditional saree is an excellent choice to opt for this season. Gelled back hair, minimal jewellery and just the sheer elegance with which she carries her drapes, this look was a baller all the way.

Deepika Padukone

Genderless Fashion

Gone are the days of flowy ‘girl-next-door’ dresses. Deepika is here to shake things up with… Pantsuits! The way she pairs it with colour blocking heels and retro sunglasses, it gives us major 90’s vibes. Playing with prints is always a good idea to add an element of fun to your outfit. Layer it up with chunky accessories and that swagger and you might just come a tiny bit closer to this style mafia and her untouchable sass. 

Deepika Padukone

83 mania

To add to the existing glory of 83, Deepika graced the red carpet with some jaw-dropping looks. Our personal favourite is this dark green gown, worn with the most exquisite jewels. Her winged liner adds even more drama to this ensemble. The short-wavy hair sits just fine on her shoulders and all we can say is that we are in love with this whole look and Deepika looks ravishing as always. 

Deepika Padukone

The Royal Touch 

Add some flair and luxury to your closet by adding coats and knee-length dresses. Layer it up with stockings, prints and different materials and you will feel nothing less than a royal. Keep the hair simple and clean, with accessories to the bare minimum. Go for loud colours and prints, preferably one colour from head to toe to look absolutely regal in every sense of the word. Maximalism is in and Deepika Padukone’s giving us a class on how to do it to perfection.

Deepika Padukone

All About Sequins

Add that shimmer just like Deepika! She shines bright just like the star she is. Looking like a diva in this midnight blue sequined dress, nothing comes closer to the pure definition of love at first sight. This look is so glamorous and shimmery, it shouts STARDOM. The classic csleep drape, smokey eyes, a nude lip and what now seems to be her next signature hairstyle, the gelled back wet hair, Deepika is a sight to behold here. 

Deepika Padukone

After watching all of these statement pieces worn by Deepika with utmost elegance and style, we’re sure almost all of us want to steal these from her closet right away. We hope that you got some #FashionInspo from our fashionista today. Try and implement some of these hacks that Deepika Padukone swears by and maybe you too will rule the fashion scene just like her.

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