10 Reasons Why Going to the Beach Makes You Happier

When you go on vacation and seek to escape the routine and hustle and bustle that the city brings, you always think of a landscape that makes you think about other things and relax completely. Many people, in fact, think of the beach as their first destination, because this place is full of magic and relaxation in which you only need to be there and contemplate the immensity of the sea and the beauty of the sand. On the beach you are much happier.

If you don’t believe me, check out these reasons:

1. The sound and aromas it delivers make you feel better immediately

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Listening to the waves and the aroma of the sea and sand recomposes your senses and makes you feel much happier and more relaxed in just one second, because everything is more pleasant, you do not have to be running or listening to the annoying sound of vehicular traffic or that of too many people talking.

2. Feeling the sea recharges you

Feeling the sea and, even more, swimming inside it improves our muscles and serves as an exercise, but much more pleasant and fun than the others. In addition, it can also be a good method to get a massage when breaking the waves or just stay there enjoying the sensation of the sea. You feel lighter, also, because your weight decreases considerably when you are in the water.

3. Seeing the landscape relaxes you

Yes, I think there are few landscapes that achieve that feeling of relaxation and happiness just by looking at them. And the beach is one of those. The color of the sea and the sand. The depth and grandeur of the sea and the waves hypnotizes and seduces you, making you feel more relaxed when looking at that beautiful landscape.

4. Your health improves

You feel more relaxed, you are happier and therefore have a better disposition. In addition, it is also proven that the sea breeze that you breathe improves your respiratory system, simply taking that deep breath that you do when you want to feel the pure air of the beach.

5. The abundant blue helps you sleep better

Blue is the icon color of calm and relaxation, therefore, if you are on the beach surrounded by this color, you will feel much more relaxed during the day and you will even sleep more peacefully and pleasantly.

6. You disconnect from reality

It is one of the best ways to disconnect and not think about anything other than yourself and the landscape that makes your eyes fall in love. Just by looking at the beach you can already feel disconnected from the world.

7. You can wear less clothes

You don’t need to wear fancy shoes or suits. With the simple fact of wearing sandals, shorts and a T-shirt (or bathing suit) you can already notice that wearing so many clothes no longer works and even makes you feel less overwhelmed.

8. You feel like in another universe

You are immersed in a different reality. Things work differently. You do not follow schedules, nor do you have that vehicular traffic that you endure in the city. On the beach everything is calmer and more captivating.

9. Being in the sea relaxes your muscles

The composition of salt water provides benefits such as antiallergic action on the skin and respiratory tract, in addition to serving as a decontracting and muscle relaxant and antioxidants that fight skin aging. It also improves heart rate and muscle tone. Reasons enough, right?

10. Simply because we love being on the beach

When you have vacations, you just want to go to the beach and get into the sea. Walk on the sand, feel the sun and fall in love with all the landscapes that the beach offers. Just because you love the beach and you think there is no other place that can replace it.


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