10 signs you’ve found your soulmate ft. Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover are lovers, besties and above all, soulmates. When they started dating, they gave us major relationship goals. When they got married, they seemed to have fallen in love even more. They have the fairytale love story that each one of us dreams for. Who wouldn’t want something like that? We all crave the love that we see in infinite amounts in their eyes for each other. Today, to celebrate Bipasha Basu’s birthday let us take a look at some videos of the couple which prove that they are ‘Made for Each Other’. 

A hashtag that Bipasha uses often for all her videos with Karan. Just look at the two looking so cute, so effortlessly. Karan can’t take his eyes off Bipasha even though there are some really drool worthy cakes right in front of him. Well, that’s true love right there. 

Red: The Colour of Love

Couples twinning is the ultimate thing to gush over. They both look adorable as they twin in red. For a couple who’s so in love, red is THEIR colour. If you’re single and watching this, we’re sorry. 

Never a dull moment 

What’s better than romantic #couplereels? Their inner child shines through as they spray water on each other and answer the goofiest questions. They look like they’re best friends from school. And we all know, friends make the best lovers right? 

Rock ‘n’ Roll 

Dressing up for Theme parties… No one does it better than them. They look like two pieces of a puzzle who are so different yet perfectly fit in together. They give us major #fashiongoals as they twin in their rockstar avatars. And may we add, they look absolutely STUNNING! 

Appreciating each other 

How to tell them you love them without telling them you love them? An Appreciation Post! Our Bips goes all out as she showers her husband with appreciation and shows him how grateful she is for him. Oftentimes in relationships, we forget to appreciate our partner for the little things. Bring back that magic by starting to notice all the small things and appreciating them just like you did before. 

It’s all in the Eyes 

Eye contact is one of the strongest ways to get someone’s attention and lots of love. Cue Bips and Karan who can’t seem to get enough of each other’s eyes.  They seem so lost in each other and honestly, even we can’t stop blushing. Sometimes, just one look from your partner can tell you if they’re the one just like they show in movies right? Watch out for the ‘Look of Love’ from your soulmate. 

Couples who Workout together, Stay Together 

Apart from giving us an overdose of love and couple reels (we aren’t complaining AT ALL), they also give us a routine insight into their fitness journeys. The best part? They even workout together! And oof, that killer bod that they both have makes us believe that if we want that toned bod and abs, we need to find our Soulmate, ASAP. 

Constant Gratitude 

They definitely found each other and became soulmates but they are thankful for that each and every day. They both constantly post about each other explaining how much they love each other and how happy and grateful they are to have found their own twin flame. 

Will you be my Valentine? 

The one day that each couple looks forward to is Valentines Day. As cheesy as it may sound, this day is special to all those who are in love with someone. It’s even better if the one you love is your soulmate, your husband and above all, your constant support. Look at the two celebrating the day with heart shaped cake and flowers. Classic and Simple, never gets old. 

Being the reason for each other’s happiness 

Yes, we are all responsible for our own happiness but who said that our soulmates can’t add to the mix and make us even happier? Just look at them smiling and gushing over each other. They seem to never get bored of each other. Constantly laughing and spreading love and happiness wherever they go. 

These posts are proof that they are each other’s soulmates, maybe even twin flames. If you’re in love with your partner and are guessing if he/she’s the one, look for these signs. If you’re single, don’t worry, your soulmate is out there looking for you. But for now, we are celebrating this lovely couple who make us believe in madly falling in love and magic. Because after all, love is nothing less than magic right? 

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