22 Sentimental Gifts That Might Make Them Cry

It’s the thought that counts. But maybe their love language isn’t just words of affirmation. For those who prefer gift-giving, acts of service, and even touch and quality time, there are sentimental gifts that will tug at their heartstrings. From Instagram’s favorite card game that asks deep questions to personalized items they’ll never forget, here are 22 thoughtful items that are so sweet, you might want to gift a box of tissues, too.


Night Sky Print Star Map by Date

Have a special date you want to commemorate? Make it written in the stars with a custom map of the sky.


A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

This book is a known tearjerker. 


Polaroid Now I-Type Instant Camera

There’s something special about tangible Polaroid pictures that can never be replaced by a digital camera roll. 


My Family Cookbook

Don’t let their sacred family recipes fade away with this fun cookbook. Make grandma proud.


Custom Pet Pillow

They will laugh and cry if you give them a pillow of their beloved pet.  


Working With My Shadow Self Sage Wand

Give them a thoughtful bundle of sage made with love to help cleanse their space. 


Personalized Leather Photo Keychain

People don’t carry around photos of their loved ones in their wallets like they used to. Let’s change that. 


We’re Not Really Strangers Game

We’re Not Really Strangers

Popular Instagram account @werenotreallystrangers created a game that launched thousands of heartfelt conversations. Think of it as a sweet version of Cards Against Humanity. 


Retro Love Coupons

If acts of service is their love language, this coupon book is it.


Kate Flannery

For mega fans of The Office, Bravo housewives, Golden Age hip-hop artists, or even Olympic gymnasts, Cameo is for them. You can book their favorite celebrity and that star will send your recipient a personal message.


The Original Diamond Spaced Letter Necklace

Spell it out for them with a personalized necklace they will own for life. 


Custom Made Comic Strip

For comic fans, you can recreate a special memory with a customized comic strip.  


Birthdate Book

What’s more personal than someone’s birth chart? Help them understand their big three and more with this personalized astrology book. 


Medium Best Friend Heart

Platonic or romantic, give this to your other half. 


Black Boy Joy – Inocencia Negra Print

Giving artwork is one of the most personal things you can give, but it’s also the thing that can make them the most emotional. 


8GB USB Cassette Flash Drive

Whether or not they lived through the era when actual cassette tapes were popular, here’s a nostalgic gift that will pull at their heartstrings. Just make sure your mix is fire. 


San Francisco Candle

For times when they miss home, Homesick’s city-inspired candles will remind them of their roots, wherever they may be.


Elaina Birthstone Bracelet

A thoughtful piece of birthstone jewelry is usually a fail-safe gift. 


Long Distance Connection Bracelets

These bracelets are for cross-country lovers. Tap the center of your bracelet and the other person will be notified that you’re thinking of them. 


Friendship Lamp

Friendship Lamps by Filimin

If jewelry isn’t their thing, long-distance touch lamps have the same sentimental effect. 


Our Adventure Book

Be inspired by Up and gift their very own scrapbook to track all of their wildest adventures. 


Personalized Handwriting Bracelet

Not only can you get them a bracelet of their favorite quote, but you can have it inscribed in a personalized script based on the person’s handwriting. 

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