4 Ice Box Options That Are Handy And Perfect To Store Juices, Sausages And More

We love going out for picnics and long rides. Don’t we? Soothing weather and good companion make the day yet more special and favourable. And what adds on to it is a spread of yummy foods, packed along for the journey. For such situations, we generally carry sandwiches, juices, milkshakes, cheese, sausages and fruits along. And to keep them fresh for long, we all need an icebox. Considering this, we bring you some ice box options that are handy and easy to carry wherever you want. Take a look.

Here’re 4 Ice Box Options For You.

1.Pinnacle Prudence Ice Cooler Box:

This box has a 30-litre capacity and helps keep food cold for up to 72 hours. The best part is, it has a wheel and trolley options that makes it easy to carry.

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2.Coleman Ice Box

A small and handy ice box ideal to carry in your car, this product has 4.7litre capacity. It is light in weight and perfect to freeze food, drinks, ice cubes et al.

3.Princeware Insulated Chiller Ice Box

This ice box has 51-litre capacity. It is ideal for a home or restaurant setup. You can also take it along in a barbecue party or outdoor gatherings.

4.Cello Chiller Ice Packs

This ice box is light in weight and can be ideal to carry along to a picnic. It comes with sturdy handle for easy usage and also helps keep foods and drinks cold for long.

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