5 ideas for a beautiful funeral on a budget

If you’re planning to keep your loved one’s ashes at home, wooden urns are often the most affordable – and popular too thanks to their warm and natural appearance.

3. Seek sympathetic help

Everything’s better with the right support, so ask friends and family for ideas and contributions to stretch your budget. They might offer transport, a garden or home as a venue, or a helping hand collating photos and videos. The right professionals are essential, too. A good funeral director will offer complete price transparency and should offer packages with all costs clearly listed and no hidden extras. Ask them to explain any fees you don’t understand and ask for suggestions to trim your costs.

Everything’s better with the right support.Credit:iStock

4. Prepay and plan ahead

Prepaying your funeral is another savvy move; you lock in today’s price no matter how far into the future the funeral happens. When you consider that a funeral that cost $2500 20 years ago could be worth $6000 today, it’s a decision that makes good financial sense.

Funeral packages give you complete control of your budget with a set price to suit your planned spend. Shop around for great deals and look for extra discounts, such as Simplicity Funerals’ online only discount when you purchase a Cremation Only package online.

5. Direct, discreet, and dignified

The most budget-friendly funeral option is direct cremation, also referred to as ‘no service cremation’ or ‘cremation only’. Simplicity Funerals’ Cremation Only package includes transportation and cremation of the deceased.

“Direct cremation is a good option for people looking for the lowest-cost way to cremate a loved one when they die,” says Leon. “There is no funeral service, but families can organise a memorial at a later date if they like, which we can assist with.” Cost-friendly options include sharing a meal with family, gathering at a place your loved one enjoyed, or hosting a tree-planting ceremony.

This dignified and budget-friendly choice can also be a personal preference. Celebrities including David Bowie and author Anita Brookner were farewelled this way, according to their wishes.

It pays to keep things simple. For a simple, affordable funeral visit simplicityfunerals.com.au

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