5 Interesting Ways To Use Your Pack Of Nachos

Crispy nachos paired with a cheesy or tangy dip make for the perfect appetiser. We can never get bored of these chips because they are available is so many different flavours to suit our different moods. From plain and tangy to cheesy and spicy, you get a variety of nachos for your palate. But if you still want to try something new with your pack of nachos, here we are to help you. You can actually use nachos to produce a whole new dish that tastes just as good.

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Here’re 5 Best Ways To Use And Eat Nachos:

1.Put Inside Sandwiches:

You may have head some people stuffing chips along with other ingredients to make a hearty sandwich. It’s time for you to give it a try, but with your leftover nachos. Place the chips as is on top of other ingredients and close with bread slices. You’ll be surprised to find out what difference it makes to your regular sandwich.

2. Make Cheese Loaded Nachos

Don’t bore your guests with the regular serving of nachos with a side of dip. Go that extra mile and prepare a chicken loaded nachos dish that they’ll go gaga over. Plus, it is super easy to make. Here’s the recipe of chicken loaded nachos that you must try.

This chicken nachos dish will impress your guests.

3. Top Over Salads

Give your salad an extra layer of crunch. Just roughly crush some nachos chips and sprinkle them over your salads. To make it better, garnish it with the dip you got for nachos. You’ll fall in love with your salad and won’t go back to having it the normal way.s

4. Use As Coating For Fried Snacks

Have you been using bread crumbs and crushed corn flakes to coat your snacks before frying them? You would how this process adds extra crispiness. Next time you plan to make fried snacks, try using crushed nachos to coat them before frying. You can thank us in advance.

5. Give A Nacho-Twist To Omelette

Omelette with nachos? We are sure you must be surprised, and we were too when we came across this recipe. But it took us trying it only once to fall in love with it, and to recommend it to you thereafter. Make veggies-filled omelette and top it with crispy nachos. Simple yet genius. Click here for the recipe of Spanish omelette with nachos

8cro5chMake a delicious omelette with the topping of nachos. 

It’s amazing what all you can do with a pack of nachos. Nest time you wonder what to make with nachos, try these recipes and share your experience with us. 

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