5 Tips To Treat Your Bipolar Partner, Make Them Feel Better

Being in a relationship with someone who is bipolar can be a rocky ride. The effects of bipolar disorder extend beyond the person who has it. It inevitably affects the relationship and the other person. There are days when your relationship may be exhilarating, while other times it may feel unpleasant, draining, and frustrating. This is because bipolar individuals often experience episodes of depression and mania which can result in emotional retreats, irrational accusations, outbursts, etc. However, you and your bipolar partner can defy the gloomy statistics that foretell the dissolution of relationships. Wondering how? Keep the listed below things in mind and ensure to implement them.

Educate yourself about the condition:

The first and most important step of being with someone with bipolar disorder is to know what it exactly is. Doing so will help you understand what you will be dealing with in addition to being more understanding towards your partner.

Communicate with them about their experience

Ask them how they feel during their episode and the things they do to make it feel better. This will give you a better idea of things that you can do to help them manage their mood while they are having an episode.

Patience is the key

Yes, at times it can be frustrating to deal with their mood swings. But remember that it is because of the condition that is causing your frustration and not your partner. To deal with your frustration take a deep breath, go for a stroll, or spend the weekend away from your partner.

Open up about how you feel

Communicating with your partner about your feelings is important. Let them know the impact that their episodes have on how you feel. But make sure that you do not blame them.

Support their care

Appropriately following the treatment plan is the best shot at managing the condition. So, you can support them by encouraging them to follow the doctor’s recommended course of treatment.

Note: Do not put your feelings in the backseat while taking care of your partner. Sometimes you may also need a support system to cope with your emotions. Make sure you talk to someone, it can be your friends, family, or counsellors when you feel like you are burning out and need encouragement to pull yourself together.

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