7 Protein-Rich Snacks For Lazy Winter Evenings

Protein is one multi-pronged nutrient that helps us in so many ways. It fuels us with lots of energy, keeps us full for a long time, helps with weight loss – the list goes on. As the cold wave grips many parts of the county, lethargy is setting in like never before. When we are cuddled in our blanket after a long day, it’s almost impossible to get out and move around. Protein-rich snacks are what we need to fill our tummy and spring our body into action. So we dug out some great options for you (weight loss is just bonus)!

7 Protein-Rich Snacks For Winter:

1. Spinach Kebab

Spinach is loaded with various nutrients. Apart from iron, protein is also found in great amount in spinach. This protein-rich kebab is not only delicious but healthy too. Click here for the recipe. 

2. Chicken Tikka

Warm, smoky and succulent chicken – who doesn’t want it in winter? Chicken immersed in a pool of spices, and roasted in tandoor, is everyone’s favourite. This masala chicken tikka takes the flavour game a notch above. Click here for the recipe.

3. Beetroot Tikki

All the goodness of beetroot in one yummy crispy tikki – Can anyone say no to it? Filled with protein along with other nutrients, this beetroot tikki recipe is a must-try.


4. Mutton Shami Kebab

This spicy kebab brimming with proteins from mutton is a must in winter. The heat from the spices will keep you warm and proteins from the meat will keep you fill. Click here for the recipe.

5. Amaranth, Bathua and Palak Tikki

Imagine the nutrients from the three superfood of amaranth, bathua and palak, plus other healthy foods like gram flour and oatmeal. This belter of a snack recipe is not to be missed.

6. Methi Muthia

This Jaipur-special snack made with winter greens of methi al all you need to snack on and stay healthy Just make sure to steam it and not fry it. Click here for the recipe.

7. Palak Patta Chaat

For never-ending love for street food, this palak patta chaat fits well with every Indian’s palate. Palak mixed with curd, chutneys, pomegranate and coriander leaves, is so delectable that you just can’t stop eating it. Click here for the recipe.

Get your daily protein fix on all those lazy winter evenings with these snack recipes. Enjoy!

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