9 Best Braiding Hair Brands For Every Type of Protective Style

Good or bad, everyone remembers their first trip to the braiding salon. You probably spent hours in the chair soothing your neck while your stylist attempted to loosen the tangles in the Kanekalon braiding hair. Or maybe you experienced an allergic reaction to a certain brand of hair after shelling out hundreds of dollars having the protective style installed. Luckily, you don’t have to subject yourself to cheap, easily tangled braiding hair. There is a slew of quality, tangle-free, and affordable options made for all types of skin—especially those with sensitive skin. Ahead, nine of the best braiding hair brands you—and your stylists—will love.


Clean Therapy Synthetic Hair

The worst thing that could ever happen to you after an install is learning that you’re allergic to the hair used. Freetress’ Clean Therapy hair is pre-rinsed in vinegar to get rid of any harsh or damaging chemicals that can irritate skin. 


Passion Twist Hair 18-Inch

Passion twists are the lovechild of twists and goddess locs. Equal parts messy and polished, this hair can be used for passion twists or can be wrapped around braids for a bohemian touch. 


Island Gyal Wave

It’s hard to find realistic-looking hair for Marley twists or faux locs, but Natural Babe Co. nailed it. Not only does the brand provide a realistic-looking texture but also has an assortment of colors to compliment all skin tones. 


Jumbo Braiding Hair

Catface has just about every color braiding hair the creative side of your brain can think of. The high-quality hair leaves the tangles you get from cheaper versions to the imagination. 


Flames Xtra Boho Goddess Locs

Boho Locs speeds up the faux locs process by providing you with the locs already formed. Your only job? Crochet the hair into your braids and be on your merry way. The hair comes with subtle curls and natural shades for a realistic look. 


Crochet Flexi Rod Curls 2X Pack

You can crochet this hair as-is to create a fluffy afro, or use the flexi-rod texture as curly ends to box braids. 


Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair

Latched and Hooked’s hair comes pre-stretched—a hairstylist’s dream—with tapered ends to reduce the need for any further cutting or styling. 


Ultra Braid 6-Pack #1B

The crème de la crème of braiding here is X-Pression hair. It’s super affordable and comes in a bevy of styles. Add a few rollers and boiling hot water to achieve the curly look of your dreams. 


Pure Braiding Hair

Indique offers raw braiding hair that can be just as easily manipulated as your own hair. The hair can be bleached and curled and doesn’t mat or tangle.

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