A warm and soothing concoction to stay healthy this winter (recipe inside)

Winter is finally here, bringing in the festive and celebratory spirit with it. However, it is also the time to be extra cautious of one’s health as cough, cold, digestive issues among others are commonplace during this season.

If you are looking for a quick yet effective way to keep winter health issues at bay, look no further as Ayurvedic expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar, recently, shared an easy-to-make warming concoction that is perfect for the chilly months.

Health benefits

*It helps improve digestion.
*It helps manage weight.
*It keeps you away from cold and cough.
*It improves your immunity.
*It helps reduce bloating, gas and abdominal ache.

Wish to make it? Follow these simple steps


“Take a litre of water, add half tsp of dry ginger and boil it until it reduces to 750 ml (¼th gets boiled and ¾th remains),” she explained.

The expert suggested to “sip on it throughout the day during cold”.

Further, she shared the various benefits of consuming dry ginger.

*It is easy to digest as compared to fresh ginger.
*It is bowel binding in nature as opposed to fresh ginger.
*It is a better stimulant and expectorant for reducing kapha and increasing agni.
*Dry ginger can be used in all seasons as a spice or medicine.

“This water is warm in nature so it is not recommended to people who have excessive bleeding/heating disorders,” she said.

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