Aavin calls for applications for new 100 new parlours in Chennai

The aim is to increase the sale of milk and milk-based products city-wide

Aavin has planned to open at least 100 more parlours in and around Chennai in so far unserviced locations.

“We are looking for applicants, who have their own property to increase the sale of milk and milk-based products. Interested persons can apply for setting up franchise retail outlets,” said an official in Aavin.

At present, Aavin runs 150 parlours in the city and 900-odd franchise retail outlets (FROs) where milk is sold in provision stores or from outlets that sell Aavin products exclusively. To encourage more people to take up the idea, the deposit amount was reduced to ₹1,000. Another model is where people ask for specific locations such as bus stands or highway roads. “If that is the case, we will write to the department concerned and if they give permission, we will supply products. The rent will also be collected and sent to the respective department,” the official said.

In case of candidates sent by the Adi Dravidar Welfare or Differently Abled Departments, the parlours have to be rent-free. In that case, if the land-owning department agrees, the FRO would be rent-free. Aavin has also been writing to various departments to open new parlours including at the proposed bus terminus at Kilambakkam.

However, many of those running FROs say that they do not make much profit due to low commissions and high electricity charges. “The new revised charges mean we will have to pay double the charges. Already we are categorised as commercial users. It would be good if we are given power supply at reduced rates,” said an FRO operator.

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