Adorable Video Shows Man Feeding Stray Dogs And Cats, Wins The Internet

They say an act of kindness never goes unnoticed, no matter how small it is. We come across many such adorable acts on the internet that fill us up with a warm and happy feeling. May it be people helping each other find a hot plate of food or street vendors being surprised with grand gestures, on some days these videos are all we need to keep going. Recently, a similar video has been doing the rounds on the internet – a meat shop owner from Turkey has been feeding stray dogs and cats right outside his shop and it is one of the most adorable videos you will come across.

The Instagram page is by the name @ ikramkorkmazer and is run by the owner of the shop. The page and his shop have shot to fame recently because of these adorable videos. People worldwide are praising him for his kindness and pointing out how happy these fur babies look. Take a look at the video:

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In the video, you can see that as the man approaches the door, the street dog is extremely happy and jumping with excitement. What is commendable is that although the man walks with the plate of food in his hand, the dog doesn’t move from his place outside and patiently jumps around in the same spot. The video has garnered 161k views, 16k likes and around 1044 comments.

The comments on this video are filled with praises and kind words for the shop owner. Many have blessed him and wished him great things in life. One comment read “Aaaaaawww! What an amazing human being you are!”, the other commented “Aww that makes me feel so happy, to see how happy this dog with the food..bless your heart sir, you are a great humanitarian..god bless you” and another said, “u are the best..and this sweet Angel is so happy”.

Happy and emotional comments flooded the video and many even said that they would love to support the man and wished well for his business. “Thank you for feeding them! May your business prosper” one comment read while the other was “it’s the wonderful cat/dog meat store. I wish we had it closer to us. I’d support this shop every day!”.

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Apart from this video, Ikram has uploaded many other videos of feeding a number of stray dogs and cats and how they patiently wait outside his store without disturbing any of his customers. Look at it here:

The videos are truly ‘Aww-dorable’, don’t you think? Which one was your favourite; let us know in the comments below.

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