AFCON 2022 group standings: Updated tables, scores, results & highlights from African championship

The Africa Cup of Nations kicks off with a group stage that will see the field of 24 teams whittled down to 16, and there are sure to be some surprises along the way.

Similar to the Euros, the top two teams in each of the six groups (Groups A-F) will advance to the Round of 16 along with the four best third-place finishers. Each nation plays three group-stage games and they are ranked by points — three for a win, one for a draw and none for losses — with tiebreakers in place if teams are level on points (see tiebreaker list at the end of this post).

The knockout bracket is already predetermined as indicated in the schedule below, and teams that advance will secure specific slots in the bracket based on their group finish. The knockout stages start with the Round of 16 and run all the way to the final with 30 minutes of extra time and penalty-kick shootouts employed in case of a draw after 90 minutes.

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Here are the updated AFCON group standings, schedules, results and highlights, including TV and streaming info in the USA and Canada.

Note: PTS = Points, GP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, D = Draws, GF = Goals For (scored), GA = Goals Against (conceded), GD = Goal Difference (goals scored less goals conceded)

AFCON 2022 standings

Group A table

Cape Verde00000000
Burkina Faso0101012-1

Group A schedule & results

DateMatchTime (ET)TV / Stream
Sun, Jan. 9Cameroon 2, Burkina Faso 1   
Sun, Jan. 9Ethiopia vs. Cape Verde2 p.m.beIN XTRA / fuboTV
Thurs, Jan. 13Cameroon vs. Ethiopia11 a.m.beIN Sports / fuboTV
Thurs, Jan. 13Cape Verde vs. Burkina Faso2 p.m.beIN Sports / fuboTV
Mon, Jan. 17Cape Verde vs. Cameroon11 a.m.TBD / fuboTV
Mon, Jan. 17Burkina Faso vs. Ethiopia11 a.m.TBD / fuboTV

Group B table


Group B schedule & results 

DateMatchTime (ET)TV / Stream
Mon, Jan. 10Senegal vs. Zimbabwe8 a.m.beIN Sports / fuboTV
Mon, Jan. 10Guinea vs. Malawi11 a.m.— / —
Fri, Jan. 14Senegal vs. Guinea8 a.m.beIN Sports / fuboTV
Fri, Jan. 14Malawi vs. Zimbabwe11 a.m.beIN XTRA / fuboTV
Tues, Jan. 18Malawi vs. Senegal11 a.m.TBD / fuboTV
Tues, Jan. 18Zimbabwe vs. Guinea11 a.m.TBD / fuboTV

Group C table


Group C schedule & results 

DateMatchTime (ET)TV  / Stream
Mon, Jan. 10Morocco vs. Ghana11 a.m.beIN XTRA / fuboTV
Mon, Jan. 10Comoros vs. Gabon2 p.m.beIN XTRA / fuboTV
Fri, Jan. 14Morocco vs. Comoros11 a.m.— / —
Fri, Jan. 14Gabon vs. Ghana2 p.m.beIN XTRA / fuboTV
Tues, Jan. 18Gabon vs. Morocco2 p.m.TBD / fuboTV
Tues, Jan. 18Ghana vs. Comoros2 p.m.TBD / fuboTV

Group D table


Group D schedule & results 

DateMatchTime (ET)TV & Stream
Tues, Jan. 11Nigeria vs. Egypt11 a.m.beIN Sports / fuboTV
Tues, Jan. 11Sudan vs. Guinea-Bissau2 p.m.beIN Sports / fuboTV
Sat, Jan. 15Nigeria vs. Sudan11 a.m.TBD / fuboTV
Sat, Jan. 15Guinea-Bissau vs. Egypt2 p.m.TBD / fuboTV
Wed, Jan. 19Guinea-Bissau vs. Nigeria2 p.m.TBD / fuboTV
Wed, Jan. 19Egypt vs. Sudan2 p.m.TBD / fuboTV

Group E table

Sierra Leone00000000
Equ. Guinea00000000
Ivory Coast00000000

Group E schedule & results 

DateMatchTime (ET)TV & Stream
Tues, Jan. 11Algeria vs. Sierra Leone8 a.m.beIN Sports / fuboTV
Wed, Jan. 12Equ. Guinea vs. Ivory Coast2 p.m.beIN Sports / fuboTV
Sun, Jan. 16Ivory Coast vs. Sierra Leone11 a.m.TBD / fuboTV
Sun, Jan. 16Algeria vs. Equ. Guinea2 p.m.TBD / fuboTV
Thurs, Jan. 20Ivory Coast vs. Algeria11 a.m.TBD / fuboTV
Thurs, Jan. 20Sierra Leone vs. Equ. Guinea11 a.m.TBD / fuboTV

Group F table


Group F schedule & results

DateMatchTime (ET)TV & Stream
Wed, Jan. 12Tunisia vs. Mali8 a.m.beIN Sports / fuboTV
Wed, Jan. 12Mauritania vs. Gambia11 a.m.beIN Sports / fuboTV
Sun, Jan. 16Gambia vs. Mali8 a.m.TBD / fuboTV
Sun, Jan. 16Tunisia vs. Mauritania11 a.m.TBD / fuboTV
Thurs, Jan. 20Gambia vs. Tunisia2 p.m.TBD / fuboTV
Thurs, Jan. 20Mali vs. Mauritania2 p.m.TBD / fuboTV

Round of 16

DateMatchTime (ET)TV channelsStream
Sun, Jan. 23RD16 #1: A2 vs. C211 a.m.TBDfuboTV
Sun, Jan. 23RD16 #2: D1 vs. B3/E3/F32 p.m.TBDfuboTV
Mon, Jan. 24RD16 #3: B2 vs. F211 a.m.TBDfuboTV
Mon, Jan. 24RD16 #4: A1 vs. C3/D3/E32 p.m.TBDfuboTV
Tues, Jan. 25RD16 #5: B1 vs. A3/C3/D311 a.m.TBDfuboTV
Tues, Jan. 25RD16 #6: C1 vs. A3/B3/F32 p.m.TBDfuboTV
Wed, Jan. 26RD16 #7: E1 vs. D211 a.m.TBDfuboTV
Wed, Jan. 26RD16 #8: F1 vs. E22 p.m.TBDfuboTV


DateMatchTime (ET)TV channelsStream
Sat, Jan. 29QF1: RD16 #3 vs. RD16 #411 a.m.TBDfuboTV
Sat, Jan. 29QF2: RD16 #1 vs. RD16 #22 p.m.TBDfuboTV
Sun, Jan. 30QF3: RD16 #7 vs. RD16 #611 a.m.TBDfuboTV
Sun, Jan. 30QF4: RD16 #5 vs. RD16 #82 p.m.TBDfuboTV


DateMatchTime (ET)TV channelsStream
Wed, Feb. 2QF2 vs. QF42 p.m.TBDfuboTV
Thurs, Feb. 3QF3 vs. QF12 p.m.TBDfuboTV

Final & 3rd Place

DateMatchTime (ET)TV channelsStream
Sun, Feb. 63rd Place11 a.m.TBDfuboTV
Sun, Feb. 6Final2 p.m.TBDfuboTV

AFCON 2022 group tiebreakers

If two teams finish even on points in the group stage the following tiebreakers are applied to determine their ranking, according to the official competition rules:

  1. Most points obtained in matches between the two teams;
  2. Goal difference in all group matches;
  3. Most goals scored in all group matches;
  4. Drawing of lots (i.e. random draw).

If three or more teams finished tied on points at the end of the group stage, the tiebreaker formula changes slightly: 

  1. Most points obtained in matches between the teams concerned;
  2. Goal difference in matches between the teams concerned;
  3. Most goals scored in matches between the teams concerned;
  4. Goal difference in all group matches;
  5. Mostr goals scored in all group matches;
  6. Drawing of lots (i.e. random draw).

One twist to the scenario involving three or more teams: If tiebreakers Nos. 1-3 succeed in separating at least one team from the rest, then those same tiebreakers Nos. 1-3 are reapplied to the remaining teams before moving on to criteria Nos. 4-6. 

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