Amazon’s Daily Spin and Win Quiz 2022: How to participate, terms

E-commerce platform Amazon is continuing its tradition of hosting fun minigames and quizzes in exchange for rewards. The Daily Spin and Win Quiz is the biggest one of the lot, granting users up to Rs 1,00,000 worth of prizes. The contest runs every day for 24 hours, from 12 am-midnight and continues until 11:59 pm later that day.

Amazon features a different prize each day, depending on what games you choose to play. The Daily Spin and Win segment offer a cash prize, while other games could win you with an Apple iPhone 13, the new Galaxy Z Fold 3, or even a Samsung 4K TV. Here’s all you need to know about Amazon’s Daily Quiz.

Amazon Daily Spin and Win Quiz: How to participate?

These contests are only accessible via the Amazon app and will require users to be signed into their accounts. There is no participation fee either and being a Prime member does not offer an edge over others. The user will need to be a legal resident of India, with a proper billing address and location set to the country.

To participate, one needs to navigate to the FunZone page, which can be typed into the search box or one can use the in-built microphone to say it out loud. Once on the section, you will be greeted with dozens of games, each offering only one chance per account.

Here, you can spin a wheel of fortune or pull a lever on a jackpot machine to earn your rewards. Upon winning something, you will be asked to answer a basic question for bot verification – such as “How many sides does a square have?” Answering correctly throws you into a lucky draw, where all the names go through a randomiser and pick a specific set of winners.

7 days following the contest end date, Amazon will reach out to the select participants via email or SMS, asking for a valid proof of identity. Voter’s ID, driving license, PAN card, passport, or standard KYC verification should work, given they are at least 18 years of age.

Additionally, users will have the claim the prize within a week of being notified, failing which, deems the prize as being forfeited. Prizes will be awarded “as is” and without any warranty unless implied in the email or the contest page.

Furthermore, there are riddles and quiz sections as well, which grant prize money, and trivia that is available only via the Alexa app/device. One can also access the Quiz page to look at a list of past winners from previous months.

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