Ankita Konwar Welcomes New Year With These Desi Delicacies And A Note On Fad Diets

Food and celebrations go hand in hand. And, whatever you eat, have it with much love and gratitude. And that is exactly what model and actor Milind Sonam’s wife Ankita Konwar said while relishing some sweet delights on Wednesday. Do you know what she devoured? Ankita, who is in Rajasthan with her husband, actor Milind Soman, has posted a picture of herself enjoying gur ki jalebi topped with segments of pistachio. Along with this platter,  she held a kulhad full of delightful saffron milk. What a combination, Ankita.

In a detailed caption, Ankita Konwar explained how health, for her, should bring freedom, no restrictions. She wrote, “Let this be a reminder that fad diets and 10-day magical transformations never work. What works is a sustainable wholesome mindful way of living. Every day is a new day whether it is New Year’s Day or not.” She further stated that a lot of people have a love and hate relationship with food and their bodies. But luckily that has never been the case with her. She loves her body regardless of the extra kgs she puts on or loses from time to time. She enjoys relishing every food item except, aerated drinks, pesto covered fancy things and alcohol. When we choose what’s best for us every day, the best itself becomes our lifestyle. A lifestyle filled with nourishment, gratitude and love, she added.

Ankita Konwar  ended the caption by saying, “Hope 2022 keeps you away from fad diets and “10-day transformation” hoaxes.”

Take a look:

Ankita Konwar is fond of jalebis and she manages to enjoy this mouth-watering delight wherever she goes. Take, for example, her Gujarat trip a few months back. While exploring local food and the place, Ankita did not miss out on trying some indulgent jalebis. Ankita posted a picture of herself holding a jalebi. In the next slide, we could see her with a plate of ganthiya as well.

Ankita Konwar appreciates desi food and enjoys it to her heart’s content. Some days ago, she relished some delicious biryani. She gave us a glimpse of biryani and wrote, “Yummy in my tummy” and teased her followers, “Biryani, you said?”

We must appreciate how Ankita Konwar, despite being a fitness enthusiast, finds time to indulge in different kinds of desi food items from time to time.  

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