Apple iPhone SE 2022 could still feature old design, suggests new report

Among the many products Apple is expected to launch in 2022 is the new, updated iPhone SE. the iPhone SE is expected to be the first SE-series iPhone to support 5G. However, that wasn’t the only major change to expect in the refresh. It was also rumoured to be the first iPhone SE to let go of the iPhone 8-like thick-bezel design.

A new report by tipster Dylan (@dylandkt) via GSMArena suggests that the new iPhone SE 2022 could feature the same design from the iPhone SE 2020, which itself was a design straight from the iPhone 8.

The older design has always made the iPhone SE models stand out, and it isn’t just because of the small size. The iPhone SE models also feature thick top and side bezels compared to even the budget phones of today. There is also a large bottom chin, and a camera setup on the back that belongs in 2017.

However, this could get even more prominent in 2022, when even the most affordable budget smartphones have adapted to the all-screen design and notches, while the flagships are now moving to flipping and folding design solutions. The iPhone SE 2022, could end up looking like a fossil with 5G.

Whether that will affect the sale of the phone is a different question. For most iPhone SE buyers, the design probably doesn’t matter anyway. Instead the focus from both the brand as well as the customers is the phone’s performance and capabilities, which is set to get a boost with 5G support this year.

The report also adds that an iPhone SE with the design of the iPhone XR or iPhone 11 could come two years later in 2024. This iPhone SE will reportedly ditch the design but still carry the notch at a time when the flagship iPhones will most-likely have left it behind. While no FaceID is expected, the 2024 iPhone SE could feature a fingerprint-sensor in the power button.

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