Are You in a Committed Relationship? 5 Points to Answer Your Question

It is not usually a straight path — from meeting someone to being with them in a committed relationship. There are a lot of obstacles, and countless adjustments both partners need to overcome before having a strong rock-solid relationship. If your relationship doesn’t meet the following criteria, it doesn’t mean that you should end things with your partner. Instead, these pointers should be considered a general set of guidelines. They will help people evaluate whether their relationships are bringing them happiness or not.

You respond positively to happy developments in each other’s life:

Giving a happy reaction to positive news in each other’s life is one of the litmus tests of a steady relationship. For example, a person is happy if his or her partner has achieved something remarkable in their work area. They could cheer their significant other and wish them luck in future endeavours.

You manage to take out ample time for meeting your partner:

It is justified that people don’t have much time these days due to their busy schedules but there is no harm in catching up for a brunch or long drive. When people manage to make time for their partners despite their tight work life, it shows the amount of love and care they have for them.

You both are trying to put in efforts for remaining together:

Relationships are extremely difficult and that requires immense maturity to deal with them. While saying yes to a relationship, you are also signing for the complications that come with it. If both partners are making equal efforts from their sides to solve these difficulties, it means they are in a committed relationship.

Can you see a future together with the other one?

Seeing a secure future with someone is another important point, which needs to be considered for a committed relationship. If you constantly feel uncomfortable, unnerved and toxic in a relationship, it’s not for the long run.

You don’t feel apprehensions about sharing secrets:

People staying in a committed relationship will have no problems divulging some interesting secrets of their life to each other. It strengthens the relationship.

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