Azerbaijan to reduce subsidies allocated for Nakhchivan from 2023 state budget

BAKU, Azerbaijan, November 25. A
number of changes have been made to the state budget of Azerbaijan
for 2023, said Minister of Finance Samir Sharifov during the
discussions of the state budget for 2023 during today’s session of
Milli Majlis (Parliament), Trend reports.

He noted that the subsidies allocated for Nakhchivan
from the state budget are going to be reduced by 31.1 million

Sharifov mentioned that part of these funds is more
likely to be used to open the new embassies of Azerbaijan and
ensure their activity, to involve legal consultants to protect the
interests of Azerbaijan in international activity, and to increase
the security of embassies. A total of 4.1 million manat ($2.4
million) are going to be used for the expenses of the Milli Majlis
(Parliament); 11.1 million manat ($6.5 million) for the auxiliary
section of defense and national security.

According to Sharifov, the Main Administration of the
Nakhchivan State Security Service is going to be funded from the
central expenditures of the state budget.

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