Bhagyashrees Travel Diaries Featured These Instant Noodles; Take A Look

There’s nothing for comforting than enjoying a delicious bowl of Maggi noodles in winter. Apart from tickling the tastebuds, it also soothes the soul. And the happiness of having Maggi doubles especially when you are travelling. Agree? Well, seems like no one knows it better than Bhagyashree. The actress is travelling and giving us glimpses from her travel diaries. She recently shared a snapshot of a bowl full of Maggi and we can’t stop slurping. Looks like it was made with the quintessential masala and chopped tomatoes. Bhagyashree must be really happy to chomp away the yummy treat. She summed up her experience in two hashtags, “Travel diaries” and “Maggi meals”.

Take a look:


This is not the first time Bhagyashree has made us slurp with her yummy food trails. She often keeps us updated with her gastronomic adventures. Last month, she treated herself to some good desi food and shared a short clip of the same on Instagram Stories. That day, she relished garlic and coriander naan with two tasty curries cooked with a punch of spices. There was a palak paneer curry kept on a bowl in her platter along with some dry peas curry. She captioned the image, “Lunch”, and added the hashtags, “asli maza”, meaning real fun, and “Indian food”. Take a look at it here.

Once, Bhagyashree gave a sneak peek into her delicious meal spread and it was irresistible. She spent a gala time with her friends that day and had a variety of dishes. She had cherry tomato salads served in Martini glasses, crispy grilled snacks coupled with drool-worthy dips. There were different types of exotic salads drizzled with cheese, snack balls coated with molten cheese or cream, and tempura rolls on the table. Click here to see how Bhagyashree’s get-together was.

Bhagyashree is someone who strongly advocates healthy eating but she also succumbs to indulgences once in a while. One day, she enjoyed the classic combination of choco-lava cake with vanilla ice cream, topped with a wafer roll. To read more about it, click here.

Bhagyashree’s food diaries are amazing and they always leave us hungry.

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