Bizarre! Ghaziabad Vendor Makes Noodles With This Cold Drink, Leaves Internet Disgusted

Instant noodles have an undying fan base amongst all ages, from a quick evening snack to a perfect late-night dinner, we’ve enjoyed them fairly well throughout our lives. Just serve with a tall glass of chilled cold drink and you have yourself the best comfort food that there is. However, a street vendor in Ghaziabad has taken this combination of Cold drink and instant noodles to the next level by not just serving them together, but also, cooking them together! Yes, you read that right! The street vendor prepares a bowl of Maggi by adding not water but an entire mini bottle of coca cola; he cooks the Maggi with other usual ingredients like chopped onions, Maggi masala and vegetables.

The Instagram video has been uploaded by @bhukkad_dilli_ke and has received 233k views, 8,591 likes and 400 comments. The video features an eatery called Sagar Pizza Point from Ghaziabad. The comments range from utter disgust to amusement. Look at the video here:

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“Are bhai bas karo maggi ka satyanash kar dia” (Please stop, Maggie has been ruined now) read one comment while the other said, “Main apne dushman ko bhi aisi saza na doon” (I wouldn’t wish this even for my worst enemy). Another hilarious comment posted the lyrics of a viral song “Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no no ! Why”.

While the majority of people were against this creation, some actually seemed enthusiastic to try this bizarre coca cola maggi. This isn’t the first time a cold drink has been used to prepare Maggi. Recently, another video had grabbed the attention of Maggi lovers all over; the instant noodles were made in a different kind of cold drink and had left the viewers equally confused. Look at it here:

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What are your thoughts on these Maggi preparations, would you dare try one of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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