Bray Wyatt appears to have been recruiting former WWE Women’s Champion for several months 

Bray Wyatt has been planting clues and is looking to recruit several stars on WWE‘s main roster since he returned at Extreme Rules.

Fans have spotted Wyatt’s clues on RAW over the past few weeks, and it is believed that these were aimed at Alexa Bliss, who was once linked to The Fiend.

However, a video of Alexa Bliss and Asuka at Crown Jewel last month could tell a different story. The video below shows the Buzzard appearing on the screen before Asuka’s reaction depicts that she saw it, and her eyes begin to flicker.

The teases continued on RAW, with Asuka being present backstage when the Buzzard appeared alongside Bliss. However, the WWE Universe already believed it was Little Miss Bliss that was being targeted.

Asuka’s recent Twitter updates appear to suggest that she has now gone dark as well. Moreover, this could eventually lead to her aligning with Bray Wyatt or Uncle Howdy.

Could Asuka return to WWE as Kana?

Asuka was known as Kana when she was a heel version of her character, something she has teased on Twitter since her loss on RAW.

The Empress of Tomorrow was pinned by Bayley before Rhea Ripley attacked her out of frustration following her loss. Asuka has since taken to Twitter and appears to be teasing that a change is afoot.

The WWE Universe has seen Asuka as a heel in the past, but never under the Kana character. Perhaps an alliance with Bray Wyatt could help her unlock her true heel potential, and the videos over the past few weeks could have been aimed at Asuka and not Alexa Bliss. Fans will have to see what’s next for the former women’s champion.

Do you think Asuka could work well alongside Bray Wyatt on SmackDown? Have your say in the comments section below.

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