Brazil court rejects Jair Bolsonaro election challenge – DW – 11/24/2022

The head of Brazil’s electoral court on Wednesday rejected an attempt by 

outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro to overturn the result of October’s presidential election.

Alexandre de Moraes also fined the parties in Bolsonaro’s coalition 22.9 million
reais ($4.27 million) for “bad faith litigation.”

The challenge came three weeks after left-wing political heavyweight Lula da Silva won the election over Bolsonaro by less than two percentage points — the narrowest margin seen since Brazil’s return to democracy in 1985.

What was the basis of Bolsonaro’s election challenge?

The outgoing president filed a 33-page formal appeal with the country’s election authority, blaming the lost election on software bugs and demanding that votes cast on the majority of the nation’s electronic machines be annulled.

The complaint characterized the bug as “irreparable non-compliance due to malfunction” and called into question the authenticity of the results.

The Liberal Party claimed that 280,000 of voting machines lacked individual identification numbers in internal logs. However, the complaint did not specify what this meant for the results.

Bolsonaro has not explicitly conceded the election, which has fueled protests by his supporters across Brazil in the weeks following the vote. 

Brazil’s election authority has already formally acknowledged da Silva as the victor. Many of the president’s political allies have also accepted the election results.

Da Silva is set to take office on January 1, 2023.

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