Bride seen sprinting through Paris airport in enormous wedding dress

A bride was spotted running through Paris airport in a huge wedding dress.

But this wasn’t a runaway bride situation – in fact, the newlyweds just couldn’t wait to begin their honeymoon.

Geraldine Dalban-Moreynas, who married her partner on 10 November, appeared to go from the wedding to Charles De Gaulle airport without stopping to get changed.

Geraldine shared a picture of herself in the white, frothy gown at the airport on social media, writing: “And one day, at gate 2F of Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, I waited for the first time in my life for a plane to Venice…”

Meanwhile, airline Air France shared a video of her running down the gangway to the plane and pausing at the aircraft door to pose for a photo, before a clip showed her looking out the plane window, surrounded by clouds that match her dress.

“Geraldine wanted a honeymoon with a difference,” the video captions read.

“So just after the ceremony, the newly married couple took off from Paris to Venice.

“We so were so touched by her video… that we decided to surprise them on their way back from Venice.”

The video shows an Air France employee meeting the couple off the flight with a bunch of flowers.

“We wish them a happy ever after in their new life together,” the captions conclude.

Geraldine didn’t limit her wedding dress modelling to the airport – later Instagram posts show her posing in the dramatic frock in Venice by the Italian city’s iconic canals and rustic doorways.

In one video, tourists applaud her as she walks down a crowded street in the showstopping gown.

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