BTS’ J-Hope is baffled when fan asks for photo of his hand, refuses to share selfies: ‘No way…’

BTS’ J-Hope cheerily responded to numerous fans on Weverse, indulging fans in photos, and shared several posts and updates about himself. He was slightly perplexed when one user requested a photo of his hand, but indulged him nevertheless after sending them question marks.  When other fans were encouraged to ask him to share photos of his eyebrows, he politely refused saying that his face was too red. He answered, “No way, my face is so red.”

J-Hope also replied to Jin’s post earlier and said that he had ‘prepared a tremendous gift’ for him, and expressed regret that he still couldn’t give him. J-Hope wrote asking Jin to see him as he has a present for him and then later mentioned that they were not able to meet. Another fan complimented J-Hope’s English pronunciation, calling it perfection. J-Hope replied, “Really? English is difficult.”

Check out his interaction with Jin here:

Meanwhile, band member Jimin appeared to be in a melancholic mood and wrote on Weverse that he was missing ARMY but ‘will wait happily’.

Fans noted how this was his ‘favourite’ caption, as Jimin, in the recent past, had expressed how much he misses being around ARMY.

Meanwhile, at the Golden Disc Awards, BTS won Album Of The Year for the fifth year in a row. In BTS’ video speech to accept the award, RM said, “Our sincere congratulations to the 36th Golden Disc Awards for kicking off 2022 as the year’s first awards ceremony. We have won the Disc Daesang at the 36th Golden Disc Awards for our album ‘BE.’ We won the Disc Daesang at last year’s Golden Disc Awards too, and we are deeply moved at the fact that we have received so much love again. ‘BE’ was an album that we made to give comfort to those suffering due to Covid-19, including ourselves. As so many people have related to the album, we have instead received a lot of comfort from them. Thank you to the Golden Disc Awards representatives for giving us such a big award. We will share this honour with ARMY, who are always supporting us.”

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