Cameroon: Douala – AFCON Village Goes Operational

The president of the AFCON Local Organising Committee Douala Pool, Governor Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua, was at the site to launch activities of the structure on Tuesday.

Of the many remarkable achievements of the soon to kickoff Africa Cup of Nations TotalEnergies 2021 (AFCON 2021) on the ground is the establishment of an AFCON Village at the esplanade of Douala III Council in Logbaba.

Governor Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua, in his capacity as President of the AFCON Local Organising Committee Douala Pool, was at Logbaba to launch the structure on January 4, 2022. In his remark during the launching, he lauded the initiative of the Council and a private investor, saying that it is vital in giving denizens and visitors who may not have the opportunity to enter the stadium space to watch the matches together in a nice and memorable manner.

Made up of 1,500 seating space, the AFCON Village is furnished with seven modern television screens to offer quality images of the matches. The structure stands on a surface of 4,000 metres square. Within is a section for barbecue chicken and meat and another section for snacks and drinks of diverse brands, which viewers can afford. There are also two canopies, one for dignitaries and the other for the general public furnished with comfortable chairs made to stand on a loosely spread beautiful gravel.

On hand is an orchestra performing songs of national and international repute. The public began making use of the structure immediately after the launch. The investor of the project, Sandrine Zene, said the musical performance will take place round the clock except when matches are going on. The attractiveness of the AFCON Village is furthered with flags of all countries to participate in the football jamboree, with a special corner for photography.

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