Cameroon: Volleyball Cup of Cameroon – Finalists Known

FAP women will be playing Bafia Volleyball Evolution in the women’s category meanwhile FAP men will be taking on Cameroon Sports Volley in the men’s category.

The Volleyball Cup of Cameroon is drawing to an end with the finalists of this edition known. They include FAP and Bafia Volleyball Evolution in the women’s category and FAP and Cameroon Sports Volley in the men’s category. They all got spots in this prestigious phase of the competition thanks to their steadfastness against their opponents at the semi-finals phase. All the matches of this phase were played on Saturday June 5, 2021 at the gymnasium of the National Advanced School of Public Works.

One of the thrilling encounters of this semi-finals phase was that pitting FAP men and TGV of Mekak. The first set was narrowly won by FAP, 30-28. Meanwhile, the FAP team came in stronger in the second set by overpowering their opponents, 25-14. The third set was an uncomfortable one for FAP. TGV seemed to have mastered the play style of FAP and knew just the right moves to take. The set finally ended 20-25 in favour of TGV. With no winner yet, both teams had to proceed to the fourth set which was indeed very competitive. It seemed to be a do or die affair for both sides. TGV which seemed to be the weaker team rather proved stronger. Its libero was indeed impressive as he blocked several balls that could create a point for the opponents. Their serves, passes, sets, attacks and blocks were just enough to frustrate their rivals as they tapped more points. The FAP men committed fouls like contacting the net and lifting the ball which created more points for the opponents. FAP men though frustrated by the performance of their opponent did not give up. They succeeded to win the fourth set 26-24 making the game to end 3-1 in favour of FAP.

After this game, Cameroon Sports Volley came in to play against Port Autonome de Douala. The game drew up to five sets with Cameroon Sports winning three sets.

Before the men’s team could take on the pitch, FAP women had taken on Nyong and Kelle. FAP won all of the three sets. In the women’s category again, Bafia volleyball Evolution got a spot in the final by winning Club Efoulan Volleyball with all three sets.

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