Celebrating the Most Hilarious Instagram Posts of Diljit Dosanjh

To wish our in-house Mr. Bean a very Happy Birthday, we decided to celebrate one of the most attractive features of Diljit Dosanjh. His Humour. If there was a category for ‘Most Rib-Tickling Instagram Posts’ in an award function, Diljit would definitely get nominated each year and of course, bring the trophy home! Apart from being a mind-blowing singer who has several hits to his name like Lover, Patiala Peg and 5 Taara, paired with his amazing acting chops, displayed in Good Newwz, Udta Punjab and Soorma, he is also an entertainer. Ever wondered how his comic-timing on-screen is so on point? Thanks to his daily practice from Instagram reels and posts. From taking his own twist on trending memes to coming up with content that will leave you in a pool of laughter, here are some of the funniest Instagram posts by Diljit Dosanjh to give you the ‘LOL’ moment for today. 

Proceed with caution, the following content can leave you laughing on-repeat for hours. Enjoy. 

Diljit’s Fitness Mantra

Has the lockdown taken a toll on your fitness routine? Have you been looking for the perfect yoga instructor? Well, look no more because we have Diljit Dosanjh right here! We are not very sure of what asanas he is doing but looking at his toned body we are damn sure that this yoga routine works. And the music! Oof! 

Diljit: The Love Guru

Trying to woo a girl? Diljit has some tips for you. He leaves no stone unturned to match his vibes with the girl of his dreams. Our Love Guru gives you some simple tips- intense eye contact, running around trees and that’s it. Love now surrounds you. He surely made you a ‘Lover’

Diljit: The perfect Metro buddy

He is also the perfect travel buddy and did we mention… the most entertaining one as well? Metro rides never looked so good. We are constantly manifesting that on a next metro trip we also get Diljit as our travel partner so that we can also dance on escalators and run to catch our Metros in true Bollywood style

Self-Love Hacks

‘Diljit Apna Favourite Hai’ aur Hamara Bhi! Is there anyone who does not relate to this self-obsession phase? Clicking pictures in every corner? In the park? On the kitchen counter? While eating food? while pouring coffee? Well, don’t blame him. If we looked as cute and innocent as that, then we would also be getting photographed after every 0.2 seconds. No paps please!

More than ‘just’ funny videos

His funny videos also have hidden emotional depth behind them just like this one. He shows how we should be grateful for every small happiness in our life, even if it’s as minimal as having our favourite ice-cream. His face is beaming with joy just like that of a child when he sees his favourite Kulfi! What a sweetheart.

Energy-Saver Mode

Everyone needs to be on energy saving mode once in a while hustling 24/7. It’s time to take a break… or a nap. Self-care is important, super important now that Diljit has shown us how to do it the right way. So, from now on, if anyone calls you lazy, you have to say “I’m not lazy bruh, I’m just on energy-saver mode. Like a Boss.

Cheat Day Reminder from the man himself

Here’s your reminder to have a cheat day today. Diljit teaches us that while it is super important to stay in shape and workout consistently, it is equally important to treat yourself to your favourite food every once in a while. From Samosas to Pizzas, baked Mac and cheese to French fries, it’s time to devour it all.

Instagram Baddie

Need some inspiration for Instagram poses? Diljit is here to rescue you. Take tips from the man himself with a major fan following of 12.4 million people on Instagram. I mean, he knows his content, right? Here are the top desi poses ft. Diljit Dosanjh.

 Desi Humour

This unique and funny video really had us all crying happy tears. He made this Punjabi step so iconic with his personal twist, we can’t thank him enough. Some crazy acting skills on display right here. Comic timing. Check. Handsome Hero. Check. Over the top Funny content. Check, Check and Check

Do What Makes You Happy

 And Diljit does exactly that! Beaming with joy, he is always enjoying his favourite dance and hook steps. Nothing, we repeat, nothing can stop him from having fun. He makes the best out of every situation and well, we all need to learn that from him.

POV: Diljit confesses his love for you

He knows how to make anyone feel special. This one is for all his fans. Shot like a romantic movie, starring our ravishing hero, this video will make hearts beat wildly. What a sweet confession. We are obsessed

If you had never seen his content before this, we are damn sure that you will be hitting the follow button just about now. We can’t stop watching, and to be honest, we don’t want to either. We wish Diljit Dosanjh a very Happy Birthday, may he keep on creating more videos like these which give us happiness, laughter and hope in these grim times. We all love you Diljit.

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