Celebrity Chef Shares Tips To Set Up Informal Dinner Table At Home

We all love to experiment with our dishes and treat our loved ones to something different all the time. A new dish excites us and cheers up our mood. While it is important to treat our taste buds, it is also crucial to know how to savour them. For instance, how we sit at the dinner table or how we arrange the dinner speaks a lot about our table etiquette. Celebrity chef Pankaj Bhadouria has decided to share some tips to do just that. In a new Instagram video, she has shared a few tips to set an informal table, just the way you see at a restaurant.

“A quick tip on some table etiquette. This is about the informal table layout setting, how you can set the table at home just like the restaurants,” she said.

The video shows the celebrity chef sitting at the dinner table and explaining how to place plates, glasses, forks, spoons and napkins. She states, the dinner plate should be absolutely at the centre of a dinner mat. The dinner mat should be placed at least 1-inch inside the table’s edge.

The secondary bread plate should be placed on your left and just below it should be the dinner fork. The place at the top of the dinner plate is reserved for the soup spoon. The dinner spoon and knife are placed on the right of the dinner plate. Above it is placed the drink glass. “Don’t forget to keep your napkin at the centre of your dinner plate,” Pankaj Bhadouria added in the video.

Check the video here:

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Now, that you know how an informal table is set, try it at home and relish your dinner with family and friends. 

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