Chicken Samosa, Mutton Samosa And More: 5 Delicious Non-Veg Samosa Recipes For Your Weekend Indulgence

A spicy filling wrapped in a crisp dough served with spicy and sweet chutney is what makes us drool every time. If you are guessing what dish we are talking about here, then, of course, it is our favourite samosa! It is one of the snacks that we can easily find on any occasion. It also makes a perfect dish to pair with our tea. While samosas are usually packed with a spicy aloo filling, we also have matar samosas, onion samosas, paneer samosas and more that are equally loved. But even in these recipes, the one thing that is taking over people’s hearts like a storm are the non-vegetarian samosas! They are all things tasty, fulfilling and satisfy you to the core. So, if you also want to get a taste of those samosas, check out the recipes below:

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Here Are 5 Non-Vegetarian Samosas To Try:

1. Chicken Samosa

Traditionally this samosa is called Pati samosa and has its roots in Parsi Kitchen. This samosa is made with minced chicken, spices and is fried after being wrapped in the dough. This recipe is surely one of the show stoppers that will make you and your guests want to indulge in more!


2. Mutton Samosa

In this recipe, mutton keema is used. First, the mutton keema is prepared and cooked in marinade. Then it is used as a stuffing. You can even toss in some of the veggies of your liking. Its rich taste is bound to fulfil your hunger in no time!


Biting into an egg samosa will make your mouth full of delicious and aromatic flavours that will rekindle your love for samosa. The samosa is stuffed with a carrot, potato, and egg masala mixture, making it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

4. Fish Samosa

Now we know that a fish samosa sounds really offbeat, but it is one of those recipes that might be loved in coastal areas. This dish makes use of boiled fish mashed with spices and stuffed in samosa. It has a taste, unlike any other samosa recipe.

5. Prawn Samosa

Another seafood-based samosa that could be a hit in coastal regions is this prawn samosa. It is a mush taste from the inside and a crisp texture from the outside. You can pair it with any chutney or dip of your liking and enjoy!

So, try out these delicious non-veg samosas and let us know which one is your favourite!

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