Christmas 2022: 5 Of The Best Rum Brands Available In India To Celebrate The Festive Spirit

Christmas is all about celebrations, and it remains incomplete without a bottle of rum. Rum is widely consumed during the season. This liquid, either transparent or deep amber in colour, is made from sugarcane juice or sugarcane molasses. Be it with a soft drink or just water or in form of cocktail, we love making the most of this strong spirit. That’s not all. Rum works as one of the main ingredients to prepare Christmas-special plum cake and chocolate-y rum balls. Besides being a versatile beverage, rum also helps warming up our body and soul. This festive season, we bring you a list of some of the best rum brands available in India, which might add to the spirit of the celebration. Read on.

Here’re 5 Of The Best Rum Brands Available In India:

1.Old Monk:

An all-time classic, Old Monk has a dedicated fan base of itself. The brand was launched in 1935 and is considered one of the biggest India-made foreign liqueur brands in the world. It is blended in the most traditional process and has a high alcohol content of 42.8 percent. The spirit makes for a popular choice due to the sweet taste and aroma.

Some of the most popular variants of Old Monk are Rum 7 years, Very Old Vatted XXX Rum, Reserve 12 Years, XXX Gold Rum and XXX Rum.

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It is one of the most awarded rum brands in the world, established in Santiago de Cuba in 1862. The spirit has a light and balanced taste and makes for a perfect drink to have as is or in the form of your favourite rum-based cocktails.

The most popular Bacardi Rum variants are, Gold, Black, Superior and Limon.

3.Captain Morgan:

“Live like the Captain,” reads the label of the brand. Captain Morgan, named after Sir Henry Morgan, is a product by Diageo, a British alcohol conglomerate. It is a dark rum, with full-bodied texture and rich taste, making a popular choice for all. Captain Morgan is aged in oak barrel that brings out the intense flavour of the drink.

The most popular Captain Morgan variants are Original Spiced Gold Rum and Dark Rum.


It is one of the top-selling rum brands in India. In fact, what makes Malibu special is the fact that it is not exactly a rum, but a rum-based drink with 21 to 24 percent alcohol content. Best known for its coconut-flavoured variant, Malibu has a strong aroma and gives you a cocktail-ready spirit for every occasion.

The most popular Malibu variants are Original, Passion Fruit, Lime and Pineapple.


A blended rum matured for 10 years, it has a sweet taste and smooth texture, making it perfect for the ones who just got introduced to the spirit. It is distilled in oak barrel and adds woody and earthy flavours to the drink. What we enjoy the most is the buttery after-taste of the spirit, when consumed with a mix of soft drink and water.


Sober Rum:

We have got an option for the teetotalers as well. Here’s Sober Rum – a spirit that is free of alcohol. You heard us. This spiced rum bottles the spicy and tropical notes of vanilla, pineapple, cocoa beans and clove and adds a refreshing flavour to your drinking sessions. You can replace it with regular rum and enjoy with a host of mixers like tonic, water, juice, or any beverage you love to add to rum.

What is your spirit this festive season? Do share it with us in the comments below.

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