Christmas crack: How to make the treat that’s trending on TikTok

You’ll be bingeing these snacks all Christmas long (Picture: @biggirlbakery)

Even if you’re full to bursting after a Christmas Day feast, you’ll make room for these trending treats.

Christmas crack – named in tongue-in-cheek fashion for its addictive qualities and the fact you literally crack the bar into bitesized pieces – is the brainchild of Mary Sommer, who goes by @biggirlbakery on TikTok.

After sharing the recipe to the platform two years ago, her video picked up speed this festive season and has now racked up over 1.1 million likes – not to mention plenty of praise.

Combining salty and sweet flavours (always a winning combo), Christmas crack turns storecupboard staples into a moreish crowd pleasing snack.

Mary called Christmas crack ‘the best thing I’ve EVER put in my mouth,’ in her video’s caption, but it’s not just the taste her followers are fans of. As it requires only four ingredients, it’s also super quick and simple to make.

‘I make this every year and people lose their minds over it,’ commented one person, while another wrote ‘This looks absolutely insane.. wow.’

Christmas crack is like a mixture of a chocolate bar, a savoury snack, and a caramel traybake (Picture: @biggirlbakery)

If you want to give it a go, here’s how:



They’ll likely be in high demand from guests – just don’t blame us if you end up having to make a second batch.

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