Costa Rica Authorizes Import and Use of Covid-19 SelfTests

As a screening strategy, Costa Rica authorized the importation and use of Covid-19 self-tests, the Ministry of Health announced. Those interested in marketing this type of test must obtain authorization from the Customer Service Department of the Ministry of Health.

Strict regulations

These self-tests must be recommended by the World Health Organization / Pan American Health Organization or authorized by the “Strict regulatory authorities for the prequalification of in vitro tests”.

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“The tests must have a sensitivity equal to or greater than 80% (probability that the test result for a disease is positive if you really have the disease) and a specificity equal to or greater than 95% (probability that the results of a test are negative if you really do not have the disease) “, said the Ministry of Health.

If this test is positive, people should isolate themselves and go to a health service to verify their result by RT-PCR.

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