December update for New State Mobile released: Siege Mode, RDM for Station and more features released

Krafton has released an update for the battle royale game New State Mobile, which includes a new player versus environment (PvE) mode called Siege Mode. In this mode, players will need to defend against waves of AI-controlled “Androids” in order to protect the Blue Zone inhibitor. The update also includes the addition of Round Deathmatch Mode (RDM) to the STATION map, the ability to customize the MCX with C2 options, a new Survivor Pass, and other features.
Siege Mode now available
In Siege Mode, the first PvE mode for New State Mobile, players must work together to defend the Blue Zone inhibitor against waves of AI Androids. Up to four players can participate in this mode, which is available now in New State Labs. Each phase of the game has a time limit, and when it expires, a new phase begins with stronger Androids. If a player is eliminated during a phase, they can rejoin the game after a brief waiting period. However, if all players are eliminated, the Androids win the game. Siege Mode will be officially released after receiving feedback from players.
Round Deathmatch Mode available for Station
Players can now play Random Deathmatch (RDM) in Station, which previously only allowed Team Deathmatch Mode (TDM). In RDM, players must win four out of seven rounds to win the game. Each round is divided into three phases, during which the playing area will shrink. Players must eliminate all enemy players within the allotted time to win the round. To win the game, a player or team must win four rounds.
New customization option for MCX
A new C2 customization option has been added to the MCX. When equipped, this technology decreases the firing sound of the MCX and increases its aim down sight speed.
New exclusive items in Survivor Pass Vol. 14
In Survivor Pass Vol. 14, players can learn about the French character Red and the Justice faction through story missions that are released on a weekly basis. By completing all of the story missions, players can earn Red’s facial cosmetic for free. This pass also introduces Red as a member of the Justice faction.
The December update for New State Mobile is now available to play on iOS and Android devices.

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