Did you know about these five hidden benefits of chamomile tea?

Amid all the everyday stress, it is necessary to ensure that when you call it a day, you go to bed in a calm state of mind. This is why experts suggest you add chamomile tea to your diet. An ancient medicinal herb, chamomile is understood to be a part of the asteraceae/compositae family that is native to Asia, Europe, Australia and North America.

Dolly Kumar, founder and director at Cosmic Nutracos, parent company of Gaia, explains that dried chamomile contains terpenoids and flavonoids which provide the medicinal benefits of consuming it. The benefits range from helping with sleep, aiding digestion to promoting good heart health.

Kumar lists the following five health benefits of this wonder drink; read on.

1. Fights insomnia

If you are facing trouble sleeping, apigenin found in chamomile tea is an antioxidant that may help induce sleep. It is the same reason chamomile is regarded as a mild tranquiliser.

2. Helps with mood swings

People commonly take chamomile tea before bed because of its nature as a sleep inducer. But apart from helping with sleep, it can also help with mood swings caused by anxiety or stress. It helps with anxiety symptoms and provides calmness.

3. Helps manage blood sugar level

The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile tea help in lowering blood sugar levels as well. Weight gain is often a cause of concern for diabetic people. Chamomile tea being a low-calorie beverage keeps a check on both. One can replace aerated beverages with healthy chamomile tea and keep a check on both calorie and sugar intake.

4. Treating cold symptoms

In winters, it’s quite easy to catch a cold. A hot cup of chamomile tea can be magical for treating colds. One can also inhale the steam of chamomile tea. It helps in easing nasal congestion, a runny nose and a sore throat.

5. Helps with menstrual cramps

The pain-relieving and antispasmodic properties in chamomile tea also help with menstrual cramps. Drinking a cup helps relax the uterus and decrease the production of substances that cause inflammation and pain.

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