Do you have a Santa fetish? Here’s where it could have come from

Are you fond of a certain Saint Nick? (Picture: Getty)

Ah, Santa. Also known as St Nicholas, Santa Claus, Saint Nick, Kriss Kringle. Whatever you call him, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without him.

The jolly man in red who flies around on a magical sleigh and comes sliding down your chimney to deliver gifts is a Christmas staple, a beloved children’s tale and… sex icon? 

Much has been written about the (apparent) sex appeal of The Grinch, but what about our bearded king? 

Some people are sexually attracted to Santa and all he represents. It’s a kink known as Santaphilia. 

Of course, with all the excitment, Christmas can be a horny time all round – but there’s more to a Santa fetish than that. 

We spoke to Charlotte Johnson, a sexpert at MegaPleasure, to explain what it is about Santa that gets some people so hot and bothered. 

There’s a reason for that Santa themed lingerie

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What is a Santa fetish? 

Charlotte says that a Santa fetish, AKA Santaphilia, is a want and desire to feel and be sexually attracted to the idea of Santa and his male traits. 

She explains: ‘This fetish usually stems from the idea of Santa being a large and loved person who is giving and hides behind a costume, a turn-on for some people.

‘The idea of secrecy along with someone who is always dressed in costume and willing to give, can create sexual thoughts and desires for some people.’

Where might the fetish come from? 

‘This fetish is suggested to stem from an attraction to older, larger men, particularly a “father figure”, along with the sense of comfort and security,’ explains Charlotte.

‘This attraction may have stemmed from internal trauma or issues with father figures in people’s early stages of life – therefore, having been stripped from this, are looking to secure and nurture this later on in life.’

What’s the psychology behind it? 

The idea of a fictional character in costume representing very male-dominant attributes can be a huge fetish for some people, explains Charlotte.

She adds: ‘The idea behind it is that the character that Santa portrays, a kind and caring person, along with his male attributes are exactly what a particular person may look for in a partner or lover. 

‘Unfortunately, it is the case that some people have experienced abandonment or pain caused by other males in their lives, that can lead to insecurities and the want to have fulfilled this with another person/character. 

‘Alongside his fictional side, all in all, a Santa fetish is a huge kink to some and fulfils that hole that some people may feel.’

What in pop culture contributes to this? 

Charlotte continues: ‘There is a growing influence from pop culture that contributes to a Santa fetish – including sexy Santa outfits, lingerie and pop culture Christmas lingo, such as “naughty” or “nice.”

‘Sexy Santa outfits are usually something someone will wear to impress and flaunt to their partner for festive sex during Christmas, or it is gifted by your partner or lover as an outfit to enjoy during sex or role play. 

‘During the role play, this is where a Santa fetish may be explored and tested, as you are using Santa costumes and scenarios to enhance your sex life with your partner.

‘Christmas sexy lingo such as “naughty” and “nice” is commonly used in the bedroom for roleplay and sex talk in general. This also links back to the idea of Santa’s good or bad list and therefore exploring your relations to Santa and sex.’

How can people bring this up to partners, or explore it in a fun way this Christmas? 

Charlotte says the best way to introduce sexy Santa roleplay or fetishes to your partner is to wait until the setting is right and simply communicate with them, ask them if they would be interested in this topic, and inform them what this includes. 

She continues: ‘Furthermore, having sex during Christmas can also be very fun and sometimes secretive.

‘Suggesting new things to try in your sex life, such as sexy Santa fetishes may be exactly what can help spruce up your Christmas.’

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