Dublin Airport slammed by passenger for ‘insulting’ £13 breakfast of egg, beans and sausage

A passenger at Dublin Airport has gone viral after sharing a photo of their ‘Irish breakfast’ at Terminal 1.

The air traveller posted a photo of the breakfast to Reddit on 19 December, claiming that the meal had cost €14.20 (£12.50).

The photo showed an open white polystyrene tray, filled with beans, two sausage patties and a fried egg, alongside a bottle of Diet Coke. They captioned the photo: “€14.20 in Terminal 1 this morning…”

The post quickly garnered more than 5,000 likes and 600 comments. Reddit commenters were in disbelief at the price of the breakfast, with some branding it “insulting”, “disgusting” and a “disgrace”.

One said: “Dublin Airport breakfast used to be expensive but tasty. That’s… insulting.”

Another wrote: “Genuinely awful. Got delayed last night meant to take off half 10 took off 2am. They gave us a tiny €4 voucher to make up for it – only one place left open and it didn’t even cover the cost of a drink. Airports really have us bent over a barrel with pricing.”

“A lot of people giving you s*** along the lines of ‘you knew the price before you bought it’,” commented another user. “This looks f****** disgusting and is an absolute rip. This monstrosity could be the last thing a tourist eats before they leave Ireland, it’s a disgrace Joe.”

A Twitter user named Maria O Sullivan-Abeyratne posted a screenshot of the Reddit post to her Twitter, saying: “Seriously @DublinAirport the breakfast used to be mediocre but edible – that much money for this slop posted on my social feed by another (hungry!) user. #Ireland #DublinAirport.”

The Independent approached Dublin Airport for comment.

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