Duke, Duchess of Sussex to reveal why they stepped down from royal duties

The documentary takes us back to 2016, when after two dates in London at Soho House, Harry invites Meghan to Botswanwa.

They both had the same week off.

Meghan says yes, to Harry’s astonishment.

“This woman I’ve only met twice, she’s coming to Botswana and we’re living in a tent together for five days, wow,” he said.

It was on this date they progressed to holding hands, and “squeezing in a kiss”, he revealed.

He said it was vital they got to know each other before the rest of world did.

The documentary is showing many photos of the couple that have never been seen before from their holiday.

“There was no mirror, there was no bathroom, there was no ‘How do I look?’” Meghan recalls.

“Thankfully, we really liked each other.”

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