E3 2022 to go online-only due to Covid surge

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2022, or E3 2022 is going to be an online-only event just like it was last year. One of the largest video-game conventions, the annual event has been forced to go from its offline, in-person format to a safer, online one. Now the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) has announced that E3 2022 will also follow the same format.

The ESA told VentureBeat in a statement that the rise in the number of Covid cases globally is the reason behind the move. “We remain incredibly excited about the future of E3 and look forward to announcing more details soon,” the organisers added.

The update from ESA comes after a widespread rise in Covid cases across Europe and the US which has led to many other in-person event either going online-only, delayed or getting cancelled.

The most-recent example is the ongoing CES 2022 at Las Vegas. The annual tech expo was set to return to its in-person format after CES 2021 was completely online. However, the sudden rise in cases across December 2021 in many parts of the world, fuelled by the spread of the new Omicron variant led to many big names like Google, Meta and Amazon pulling out from the event.

While the spike in Covid cases could be over by the time E3 2022 arrives, it seems the ESA is taking no risks. E3 2022 was original planned to be an in-person event this year as the ESA had announced back in April 2020 that they only planned to take the online route for E3 2021.

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