Enel and Italy’s Fire and Rescue Service to boost safety, environmental protection

Italian energy major Enel and the country’s national fire department signed on January 4 a memorandum of understanding aimed at strengthening collaboration to protect the safety of front-line operators and improve operations in their respective spheres of competence.

Enel Italia head Nicola Lanzetta and Italy’s Department of Fire, Public Rescue and Civil Defense head Laura Lega signed the agreement which aims to work in areas of common interest in which joint action plans can be developed to better prevent and manage emergency situations, potential risk scenarios and possible natural disasters.

The collaborative approach will characterize every aspect of the agreement, from the planning of the actions to be undertaken and their implementation, to the dissemination of good sharing practices implemented by the two parties. In addition to the study and implementation of shared activities, the Protocol places particular emphasis on safety training in relation to electrical risk, in the awareness that the safeguarding of the country must always be accompanied by the protection of operators: a commitment that is in line with the joint exercises already carried out in recent years on how to operate in the vicinity of infrastructure elements and power lines, and which in the agreement finds further strength with new in-depth activities, Enel said in a press release.

Specifically, the areas of common interest identified by the Protocol concern the optimization of procedures and communication in both ordinary and emergency conditions, the definition of guidelines for work on wind farms, the development of energy efficiency and electric mobility solutions for Fire Brigade headquarters throughout Italy, coordination in the movement of vehicles and personnel during natural disasters, synergy in the prevention of forest fires, planning of training activities and exercises, strengthening relations between Enel and the regional branches of the Department and coordination of information flows.

“With this Protocol, we further consolidate a partnership that focuses on safeguarding the country and protecting those who work to defend it every day,” Lanzetta said. “Closer coordination with Italy’s Fire and Rescue Service will make it possible to provide even faster and more effective responses, turning their widespread presence throughout Italy and proximity to local communities and their needs into decisive factors,” he added.

For her part, Lega said the framework outlined in the PNRR, aims to enhance and increase Italy’s electricity infrastructure in favor of decarbonization and the renewal of vehicle fleets. He noted that such an ambitious project requires the participation not only of public players but also of major private entities, and the agreement being signed here is part of an important segment in which the coordination and sharing of information and procedures will certainly integrate an ever-increasing functional awareness in order to achieve the best levels of effectiveness and efficiency, from the planning and preparation phases to the response and recovery.


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