Estate agents (AKA the Property Twins) reveal easy ways to add value to a home

The twins have 15 years of experience in the industry (Picture: Jam Press)

Ready to increase your property’s value?

You’ll want to heed the advice of Tonya Barnard and Rea Hill, a pair of 35-year-old twins who work as estate agents.

The glam duo are known as the Property Twins thanks to their extensive know-how, having spent 15 years working side-by-side.

After starting off as trainee letting agents in their home town of Chelmsford, the sisters worked their way up, erged their companies, and launched their own agency called Victoria Louise.

Basically, they’re the UK’s version of the Selling Sunset ladies.

Now, they’ve revealed five budget-friendly ways to add serious value to your home and make it more desirable to potential buyers.

Tonya and Rea recently launched their own agency (Picture: Jam Press/Alan Strutt)


You might assume that potential buyers can just visualise a property without all your stuff in it, but clutter can be an obstacle to someone imagining the home as their own.

Go minimal and reduce visible knick-knacks.

Tonya and Rea recommend: ‘Open up your space internally so the property is presented to its best potential.’

Prioritise first impressions

Make sure the exterior and entryway of your home are on-point.

‘Tidy any rubbish away, clean down windows/doors and a lick of paint if needed,’ Tonya and Rea say.

‘Make sure lights are working and avoid heavy traffic times for viewings.

‘First impressions count!’

First impressions are key (Picture: Jam Press/Georgie Gavin)

Secure planning permission

Tonya and Rea said: “Selling your home with planning permission could add thousands onto your asking price without even having to do any build work yourself.”

Make the garden look great

It’s not just the interiors that matter – check your garden is in great shape, too.

The twins say: ‘If you can improve the look of your garden this will really help, gardens are very important now more than ever and can help achieve a higher value.’

A simple declutter adds value to your home without costing you a penny (Picture: Jam Press/Georgie Gavin)

Give your house a name

Okay, here’s an insider trick: rather than having a standard house number, give the house a name – think Bramble Cottage if you’re going for a cosy countryside feel, or Palm House if you’re bigging up the house’s windows that are perfect for growing indoor plants.

Tonya and Rea said: ‘House names are very desirable so if the property is suitable, apply for a name as this could help add character and in return demand a higher value.’

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