Festive food that looks Insta worthy – from panna cotta to turkey pie

Festive food that will be a showstopper at the table (Picture: Supplied/Metro)

Many of us are still doing a last-minute shop for our Christmas essentials – including food.

However, you might also want to cut back on spending while still keeping the festive spirit.

How about a Christmas table filled with showstoppers that offer value for money, yet look expensive?

Read on to discover the finest festive fare that will bring a touch of luxury to your Christmas meal without breaking the bank.

Deluxe Royal Fillet with Gold Lustre

Go the extra mile with edible gold (Picture: Supplied)

The ultimate gold treat comes from Lidl this year – with a spectacular salmon fillet topped with edible gold.

The salmon is caught fresh in Scotland where the Atlantic meets the North Sea, and is hand-prepared at a traditional family-run smokehouse before it arrives on shelves days later. A winner as a centerpiece or buffet, as it’s ready to slice and share.

Buy for £9.99 for 200g from Lidl.

Christmas Raspberry & Vanilla Panna Cotta Star

For those with a sweet tooth (Picture: Supplied)

Fancy something lighter instead of traditional Christmas pud? This feeds seven – just over £1 a portion – and looks so spectacular on a Christmas table you’ll almost want to hang it from your tree!

Buy for £7.50 for 700g from Waitrose.

Ten Mini Steak Sandwiches

Perfect for a crowd (Picture: Supplied)

If you are trying to feed a big crowd of people, these are the perfect Christmas Eve nibbles or starter for your turkey lunch. Ten delicious bite-sized rump steak slices, with caramelised onion chutney served on sourdough crostini. Five servings as a starter at £1.40 each, or £1 for a single serving.

Buy for £7 for 230g from Marks & Spencer.

Ginsters Festive Chicken & Stuffing Slice

It’s back for a second-year running (Picture: Supplied)

Christmas for one? Nota problem with this Ginsters offering, which is back after a social media campaign by fans, who retweeted support for its return. Last year, 276,540 were sold and now it’s back on various supermarket shelves. Perfect for Boxing Day football or any pie-loving teen.

Buy for £1.65 for 170g from Co-op.

Layered Christmas Turkey Pie

A Christmas dinner all wrapped up in one (Picture: Supplied)

What happens if you take all the ingredients of your Christmas lunch, from the turkey to the cranberry sauce, the thick gravy and moreish pork stuffing, and put it ALL into a pie, below, for an effortless but filling Boxing Day lunch? Serves four at £2.25 per serving – just add leftover veg and you’ve saved time as well as money.

Buy for £9 for 710g from Marks & Spencer.

Crab Thermidor Crumpets

A quick and easy dish to cook (Picture: Supplied)

Cook these in the oven for 15 minutes and the crumpet base crisps satisfyingly, while crab and juice ooze out. It’s a tasty treat with a slight hint of fish, costing 40 pence per crumpet (ten in a pack). Fancy something different on Christmas morning with your bubbles? Or the perfect Christmas teatime snack? This has your back.

Buy for £4 for 205g from Sainsbury’s.

Ben Bracken 19-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The taste matched big brand names (Picture: Supplied)

We blind-tasted this alongside seriously expensive big brand offerings and take it from us – this equaled them for taste but busted them for budget. So if you want a warm, wintery and spicy treat that looks beautiful in a glass, look no further.

Buy for £39.99 for 70cl from Lidl.

Colin the Caterpillar

The classic cake is getting all festive (Picture: Supplied)

So who fancies a Christmas edition of everyone’s favourite caterpillar? Yes, Colin, below, has had a makeover, which is perfect for the Crimble table – especially if your little ones don’t like traditional pudding.

Buy for £10 from Marks & Spencer.

The Best Sloe Gin Baking Brie

Serve with crackers or bread (Picture: Supplied)

This serves four as a delicious starter but the mouth-watering meltiness here means it spreads beautifully on French bread or crackers as a perfect finale to your Christmas day feast – in which case, it goes even further. Has a nice impact but it’s the flavour that will leave you really impressed.

Buy it for £6 for 590g from Morrisons.

The Best British Gammon Joint with a Festive Spiced Seville Orange & Cointreau Glaze

Take the stress out of the main event (Picture: Supplied)

Cook the meat for two hours 20 minutes, add the glaze – and you’ve let Morrisons do all the work, while you sweetly serve and take the credit. Perfect for Boxing Day tables and although this feeds four-five people, add leftover stuffing from your turkey, vegetables and some mash, and this will stretch even further still.

Buy it for £13 for 1.16kg from Morrisons.

Jaffa Cake Gin

The ultimate Christmas tipple (Picture: Supplied)

Who loves Jaffa Cakes? Now, who loves gin? So what happens when you put it all together? The ultimate Christmas tipple to enjoy beside the tree. This has rich flavours is nothing too overpowering but is a beautiful talking point. Even the bottle looks good! It was £25 but is on offer at the moment at Morrisons for £19.99.

Buy it for £19.99 for 70cl from Morrisons.

Giant Yorkshire Pudding Pig in Blanket

A whopping 60cm pig in blanket (Picture: Supplied)

Showstoppers are all about the wow factor, right? Well try this whopping 60cm pig in blanket, made from British pork, which sits inside a large Yorkshire pudding. Trust me – the kids will love it. A clever twist with a lovely taste.

Buy it for £4.99 for 380g from Aldi.

Bathtub Gin

Handcrafted from start to finish (Picture: Supplied)

A hand-wrapped design is what makes this craft gin perfect to gift – if you’re not tempted to try it yourself first. It’s double-infused for seven days for that extra flavour, using orange peel and five other carefully selected botanicals. The final flourish is that each bottle is wrapped, strung and waxed in Kent. Sounds like a beauty treatment! Down from £31 to £25 on offer at Waitrose.

Buy for £25 for 70cl from Waitrose.

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