FIFA World Cup 2022: Musk says Twitter saw ‘almost’ 20,000 tweets per second

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is underway and recently, Elon Musk urged Twitter users to come to the platform to catch all the action. The aim is to increase the traffic on the microblogging website during one of the biggest sporting events globally. It seems that the new owner’s plan worked as he announced that the social media platform saw ‘almost’ 20,000 tweets per second on Wednesday (November 23).
In a tweet, the new owner of Twitter also thanked the team for “managing record usage.” The football World Cup 2022 is underway in Qatar. On Wednesday, Morocco played against Croatia, Germany vs Japan and Spain against Costa Rica.

Why the World Cup is a great deal for Musk’s Twitter
Since Musk’s takeover, various advertisers – just like Twitter users – have left the platform. This seems to have caused less footfall as the Tesla CEO has been aggressively posting about the increase in user interactions since last month. FIFA World Cup 2022 presented a great opportunity for the platform to generate high volumes of traffic.
In fact, Twitter has historically garnered much traffic during the previous iterations of the sporting event. As per a report by Market Watch, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil boosted Twitter’s second quarter revenue. The tournament in 2018 helped the social media platform get as many as 115 billion impressions.

Mass exodus from Twitter
Though Musk fired over 50% of the staff, it looks like Twitter’s infrastructure can handle the volume of traffic that the World Cup generates. Musk highlighting the work of the “Twitter team” during the tournament suggests that the company has enough employees to bring Musk’s plans with Twitter to fruition.
The new owner is also working to enhance the user experience on the platform during the world cup. He also tweeted that users will also be able to see “small, sometimes major, improvements in speed of Twitter” in countries that are “far away from [the] USA.”

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