Finishing 21 Chole Kulches In Delhi Could Get You Rs 50,000/- In Cash

If there is one thing that all Indians can agree upon, it is their love for food! From chicken tikka to sambhar-dosa, the cuisines of the country offer unique and delicious flavours. The passion for food runs deep within our blood, so much so that foodies enjoy eating competitively! While most of us are used to the informal Gol gappa eating contests, certain street vendors have decided to take this up a notch, by offering big cash prizes. We have found one such food challenge right in the capital city. A Delhi-based street vendor is daring customers to eat chole kulche and win a Rs 50,000/- cash prize! Don’t believe us? Take a look:

The challenge is to finish 21 plates of chole kulche in 30 minutes. Up to two people can do this challenge together. If you can achieve this goal, then tje vendor shall reward you Rs 50,000/- in cash! And, if you are not able to complete the challenge, then you’ll have to pay Rs 2,100 instead. This challenge is being organized by an outlet called Hari Om Chole Kulche in Mayur Vihar, Delhi.

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In the video, we see the effort that goes behind making the chole kulcha. The chole is bathed in a variety of ingredients that give it a unique and chatpata taste. From anar dane ki chutney, ghotala masala to kaju and badam, this chole has it all! Just looking at how the chole is made will have you drooling. The video was uploaded by food blogger @FoodyVishal on his YouTube challenge and it has garnered 193k views.

While eating chole kulche is an enticing offer, to finish 21 plates in 30 minutes seems like a challenge indeed. Foodies do love to eat, but only a few of us have the appetite and metabolism to consume large amounts of it at once! Would you be able to complete this challenge? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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