Friend’s sister is one of worst people I’ve met

DEAR HARRIETTE: My friend’s sister is one of the worst people I’ve ever met.

Harriette Cole 

I hate how she treats my friend. I’ve watched her steal from my friend, embarrass her publicly and try to harm her.

My friend is a little older and believes that she has to be the bigger person in the situation because her younger sister obviously has some behavioral or emotional issues.

I told her that the next time her sister takes her things without asking, tries to hit her or shows any type of violence toward her, she needs to call the police.

Am I wrong for encouraging my friend to call the police on her younger sister? I think it’s the best decision regarding my friend’s safety.

My friend worries that this might give her sister a record or embarrass her parents. I think my friend’s safety is worth the risk.

Call the Cops

DEAR CALL THE COPS: Start with a family intervention, if possible. Suggest to your friend that she gather other family members and friends who believe her sister needs help.

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