From Kerala Chicken Roast To Malabar Chicken: 5 Kerala-Style Chicken Recipes For Your Spicy Cravings

Packed with spices, rich taste and a soul-soothing texture, Kerala offers us a list of delicious meals that we certainly can never get enough of. Despite it being popular for the growth of coffee, several tourists take a food tour and enjoy the local tastes. From the famous Malabar curries to the kadala curry, the taste in each of the dishes is simply exquisite. But what truly stands out in all the flavours are the Kerala-style chicken recipes! They are full of flavours that you hardly get in any other dishes and tantalise your taste buds with every bite. So, if you are a chicken fan, then here we bring you some Kerala style chicken recipes that you must try!

Kerala-Style Chicken Recipes: Here Are 5 Must-Try Kerala-Style Chicken Recipes

1. Malabar Chicken

Coconut oil, curry leaves, and mustard seeds are used to make Malabar chicken curry, a traditional Kerala chicken curry. It goes well with parotta, steamed rice, and even tandoori paratha, lemon slices and onion rings. When you have a gathering at home, serve this dish to impress everyone.


2. Spicy Kerala Chicken

This spicy Kerala-style chicken recipe is made with aromatic flavours and tangy spices fried in a skillet. This dish is simple to prepare for any gathering or party at home!

3. Kerala Chicken Roast

A savoury fried chicken recipe with tangy spices and aromatic flavours will give you an explosion of taste in every bite. This recipe uses the most authentic and most popular south Indian spices. It pairs well with rice and any bread of your choice.


4. Ularthiyathu

This recipe makes use of hard spices, coconut, a few veggies and chicken drumsticks. Traditionally, this dish is served with lemon rice and makes a great meal for any occasion.


5. Kerala-Style Chilli Chicken

If you’re a fan of the classic Indo-Chinese Chilli Chicken, we’ve got another version called Kerala-Style Chilli Chicken. Turmeric, cumin powder, black pepper, garam masala, and other Indian spices are used to make this chilli chicken.


Make these delicious chicken recipes and let us know which one you liked the best!

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