Generous East Bay Times readers help their neighbors in need

East Bay Times’ Share the Spirit readers are once again responding generously to help their neighbors in need, whose stories are being featured in print and online this holiday season.

Through Monday, readers have contributed $246,897 to Share the Spirit nonprofits, a true measure of your giving spirit. Those worthy organizations provide much needed services and support for people going through tough times.

There is still time to make their lives better, and to support the organizations that work so hard to help them get back on their feet. Any amount — big or small — can make a difference. The stories are running through the end of the year, but donations are welcomed year-round.

This year’s stories and information about how to donate can be found at All of the money raised goes to the nonprofit programs and families featured in the Share the Spirit campaign, with the East Bay Times covering all administrative costs of the program.

Following is a partial list of Share the Spirit donors whose generosity we’d like to publicly acknowledge. Watch for an updated list in January. Share the Spirit would also like to thank the many donors who wish to remain anonymous but whose gifts will help make a difference for so many people.

Steve Adachi, Sarah & Bob Albo, Ken & Tamara Anderson, Elizabeth Anhorn, Patricia Arias, Dori Armbruster in honor of Alzheimer’s Assoc, Cynthia Ashbrook & Jeffrey Smith, Alice August in memory of RL Shepherd, Shauna Avon, Anonymous in memory of Warren Bouton, Anonymous in honor of the Fitzgerald Family, Anonymous in honor of Phil Conklin, Anonymous in honor of my dad, Anonymous in memory of Marcelles, Anonymous in memory of Rose Lopez, Anonymous in memory of David Steffen, Anonymous in memory of Sam Hirabayashi

Al & Marsha Badella, Joyce Balderston, Sandra Banke in honor of Joyce Bowers, Kathy Kenworthy & Paul Barale, Suzanne Barba, Bill Barber in memory of Gene Barber, Robert Barney, Connie Batchelder, Jutta Beckes in memory of Byron, David Belli. Diane & Pat Benedict in memory of Margie & Pat, Dale & Joanne Berven, Ken & Marian Bick in memory of Kathlyn Furnish, Sally Blackwell, Mary Bland in memory of Anne & Ed Balles, Patricia Bleile, Teresa Bobbitt in memory of Gail Stucken, Burt Bogardus, Leonie Bonarius in memory of Piet Bosboom, Gloria Bonora, Charles Bos, Mike & Sue Brandy, Richard & Lynn Brear, Linda Brockway, Gordon Brown, June Brown, Jeff Bruno, Barbara Buckley,Steve & Linda Buckman, Laura Burbidge, Bruce Burke, Charles & Jean Busch, Rich & Mary Butler

Carol Calkins, Jim & Linda Campbell, Nalda Cargo, Garth & Pat Casaday, Anne Cawood, Jon Maienschein & Lisa Cline, Carol Chamberlin, Constance Chan in memory of Fred Kucera, Michael Chandler, Patricia Cheney, Orlando & Jaqueline Chiavini, Harvey Chin, Michael Cluster, Gerald Cockrill, Anne Collins, Steve Collins in memory of Helen Collins, Jeanie & Michael Conneran in memory of Sam Goldeen, Harvey Corales, Charles & Karen Couric, Margaret Craddock, Denise Craig, Jan Creighton in honor of Katie Van Amburg, Robert Crespi, Barbara Crews, Steven & Cynthia Cuevas, Deena Cummings

Art Dahlberg, Carol Dalessio in memory of J. Susan Leich, Phil & Sandy Dalforno , Jay & Mary Davis, Ralph Rader & Pamela Deas, Beryl Dees, Mark Del Bono, Judith Del Tredici, Hank Delevati – TWANDA Foundation in honor of Sidne Long, Lynda Devine, Robert Docili, Marion Dow, Thor Start & Joanne Drabek, Patricia & Robert Duey, Cherie Duncan in memory of LLoyd & Mildred Kirby, Carol Dunkle , Rick & Marianne Dunley in memory of Rose Billeci Continente, Lisa Eitzel, Beth Elliott, Marietta Elliott, Charles & Mary Ellis in memory of Dr & Mrs C Melville Ellis and in memory of Mr & Mrs Lloyd Pitzen, Jane & Roger Emanuel, Aileen Evans in memory of Roger “Bud” Evans, Marsha Everett, Thomas Family

Justin Fawsitt in memory of Justin Fawsitt, Hugh & Anna Fehrenbach, Gail Fellman,Rose M. Ferrante in memory of David Farrante, Burke & Wendy Ferrari in honor of  the Ferrari Family, Don Fiegel,Sally & Earl Flage, Beverly Fonzi in memory of Rico Fonzi, David & Cheryl Forde, Ednah Beth Friedman, Bob & Vivian Fujii in memory of Ven & May Louie, Fujikawa Family, David Fulkerson in memory of Justin Torquemada, Robert Fulton, Ann Gaitan in memory of Ronald Coughlin, Maya Gardner Teri Gerritz in memory of Gretchen de Golia, Rose Marie Gish, Barbara Glass, Sharon Glover, Sara Goolsby in memory of Harry Burke, Susanna Gordon in memory of James P Gordon, Dennis & Janet Govan, Doulgas Graham, Eleanor Grakauskas in memory of Aras Grakauskas, Cheryl Gray in memory of Jana Lyn Gray, Gary Gray, Marian Green, Gavin Greene, Diane Griffiths, Phil & Susan Grover, Kay Gschwend in memory of Mary Nystrom, Charles F Guthrie

Anna Halligan, Maureen Hallisy in memory of Scott Shaia, Kenneth Hamann, Perry & Maria Hamilton, Susan Handy in memory of Darrell Handy, Evie Harner in memory of Michaael Harner Sr, Steven & Frances Harrison, June Masuyama & Harry Bergland , Janis Hashe, Roberta Healy, John & Louise Heffernan in memory of James & Betty Hefferman, Lorraine Heinemann, Bob & Tonya Hennessey in memory of Norman L Storr, Daniel & Carol Henry, Tim & Sharyn Henshaw, Tom & Caroline Hensley, Teresa Henson in memory of loved ones who are gone, Cheree Hethershaw, Anita Hiebert in honor of Todd Weinert, Thomas Higgins, Paul Hirschberg, Lavon Hodges , Mary Ann Hoisington, Jeff & Lynn Hollfelder in memory of Barbara Gillott, Pamela Holloway in memory of William Holloway & Betty Loeffler, Gloria Horinouchi, Howard Hornig, Timothy Houck, Lisa Hudson, Gene Huffman, Ken & Joanne Hughes, Judith Huse, Deborah Hyppa, Victoria Infante in honor of Nutmeg, Duster, Sweepea, Midas, Holly Ito, Annette Iwamoto

Ursula Jackson, William & Rosemarie Jackson in memory of Mary Rabner, Katherine Jarrett, Kathie Johnson, Nyles Johnson in memory of Anthony “Tony” Gladson & Edwin “Ed” Lewis, Peter Johnson, Patricia Jones, Deborah Joseph in memory of Bonnie & Lou Aguilar, Diane & Terry Kamrin in honor of Colin, Clari, Kyle & Cory, Christl Kasler, Kiyoshi Katsumoto, Jon Kawamoto, Gary & Carol Kefer, Larry & Ann Keiffer, Jody Murphy & Skip Keller, Ellen Kelly in memory of Michael Kelly, Judy Kennedy, Ken Burke & Nina Kindblad, Merryann Kiser, Patricia Kite, E Kofman, Jessie Kohgadai, Marcia Kolb, Gregg & Anne Korbin, Mark & Christine Kramer, Mel Krugel, Donna & Joe Kruger, David Krumboltz, Dennis Kuzak, Kathryn Laborde in memory of Taryn, Marc, Scott Sievers, Cynthia Lakes, Marianne Lamberts in memory of Albert & Georgette Labarthe, F & B Lang, Marianne & Josh Langsdale, Marion Larson, Scott Law, Matt & Ellen Lawrence, Le Blanc Family, Linda Ledgerwood, Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation, Marty & Rich Lewis, Midge Lewis in memory of Edwin M Lewis, Alfredo Lieras, Tim Rooney & Linda Gray, John Lindberg, Nana Lisa, Michael & Winnie Lohman, Fred Lorenzetti in memory of Mickey Souza, Wayne Low & Betty Costa Low in memory of deceased Costa & Low Families

James Pierson & Lori McFaull, Janis & Marcus Lowe in memory of our Dear Kupuna, Carole Lucas, Art Lucero, Caren & Rod Lucich, Derrick & Louise Lue, William & Colleen Lund, Mark Lyall, Mary Lyding, Bruce Kelly & Lynn Trostad, Jerry & Trish MacIntosh, Paul & Janyce Mack, Mark & Allora MacMahon, Dorothy Maddox, Stella Magan in honor of John Reeves & Keith Magana, Lorraine Magee in memory of Beverly Cavin, Paula Marshall, Martin Family, Sharon Masingale, Dana Matthews, Kathleen McCarter, Elaine McClellan, Mike Mcelroy in memory of Angelina McElroy, Jim McGrath, Don McKenzie, Mary Mendes, Paul & Connie Menzies in memory of Gladys Berkeley, Johanna Meyer-Mitchell, Ronnie Meza, Donna Mickelson in memory of Tim Gordon, Eric & Lynn Miller, Miranda Miller, Nick & Heidi Miller in memory of Abel Fabela, Carol Miller-Baker, Anne Mitchell, Don Mizota, Helen Moore in memory of Alice Bartley-Lawson, Jean Moss, Alexander Motta, Andrew Moyce, Joan Murakami, Joseph Murphy, Barbara & Jay Myers, Linda Myers

Amparo Najera, Bradford & Barbara Nash, Janet Neale in memory of Richard A Neale, Neckar Family, Douglas Neill in honor of Kristen Boney, Jean Nobbe, Bill Nusbaum, Candace O’Brien in memory of John O’Brien, Daisy Ogawa, Debbie & Joe Ojeda, B Okamoto, Jean & Dale Olds, Julia Olkin, Carol Olmert, Carol Gay Olson, Ethan Orloff, Norm & Joyce Pacheco, Robin Padilla, Linda Paricio, Ronnie Parker-West, Birgit & Ed Pearson, Nicola Perrone in memory of Fay Perrone, Karen Peterson, Esther Picazo in memory of Rebecca Ibarra, Nick Piombo in memory of Tosca Donati, Goody Pleasanton in memory of Pete Pleasanton & Patty Stirton, Jack & Virginia Preston, Lynn Price, R & C Puppione

Susan Randazzo, Tom & Carol Raney, Jill Ratner, Ronald & S. Raumer, Stephanie Ray, Joy Reid, Audrey Reilly, Barbara & Al Resnick, Linda Reuter, Patricia Reyes, Robert Rieder, Vickey Rinehart in memory of Margaret Knight, Don & Sharon Ritchey, Mertin Ritchie, Dwight & Julie Roberts, Bernie & Julie Rose, Miki Ross in memory of James Ross Sr, J-Too’s, Kevin & Anthony, Jay Rothstein, Jean Runge in memory of Jan Lyons Attorney, who shared her spirit with many, Evelyn Russell in memory of Don J Russell

Robert Sanders in memory of Joan L Sanders, Bill & Emily Schardt, Gregg Schluntz in memory of Nancy Schluntz, Anna Schneider, Barbara Schonfeld, William Schumann in memory of Janet Schumann, Rob Scott, Shirley Semenza, Anne Sharkey in memory of Stephen Sharkey, Steve Sherman, Shirley Shevchenko, Samantha Shiraishi in honor of the kids, Patricia Singer in memory of Lloyd & Jacquelyn Trimble, Margaret Sluus, Jean Small, Nan Smekofske in honor of JC Christopherson, Dan & Jan Smith, Ned & Elizabeth Soares, Daniel & Sue Spencer in memory of Barbara Bergeron, Diane Spieler, Carol Statley, Joyce Stein, Jutta Stephan, John Stephenson, Annette Stiefbold, Nora Stoffel in memory of Thomas Stoffel, John & Helen Stone in memory of William Ainslow, Alan & Dawn Surges, Corinne Sutherland, Lois Swanson

Judith Taggart in memory of Gene Taggart, Larry & Carol Tessler, Mark Thibedeau, William Thomas, Thomas Family, Jeannie Thompson, J & B Thurston, Susan & Michael Tiffany-Brown, Stacey Travis, Patricia Trumball, Sonny & Gail Tsuboi, Lynn Uzzo, Jerry Van DerMolen, MA Van Woerkom, Nancy Vasko in honor of Rox, Lou & Candace Venegas in honor of the Mackin Family, Karen & Jeff Vesely in memory of Jim & Jane Gillis, Judy Vohs

Hannah W, Susan Wagner, John Walkinshaw, Brian & Susan Walley, Carolyn Wang in memory of Buddy, Bjorg Wasserfall, Marilyn Weible, Gary & Sandi Weisbrod in memory of Edward Ruflin, Robert & Judy Weissman, Melanie Wendell & Ed Croft, Robin West in memory of Mary Ann Harper, Carolyn & Tom Westhoff, Mary Whaley in honor of homeless folks & families, Aria & Bill White, David Whitney, Carol Wiley, Ingrid Wiley, Diane Williams, Thelma Williams, Angela Wilson, John & Noel Wilson, M & G Wilson in memory of our 2 Jims, Lois Winter, Lindsay Wong in memory of Lincoln and Annabelle Mon, Rebecca Wong in honor of Burt and Jane Yin, John & Jocelyn Wong-Rolles, Carole Woods, Kathryn Woolle in memory of Al & Betty Steffe and Al & Irene Petrini, Stephanie Yang, Betty Yates, Meredyth & Gregory Young in memory of John Eilers, Randall & Sharon Young, Maria Zavala in memory of Maria M Almirante, Jon & Bette Zbasnik, Linda Zercher, Carol Zuckerman

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