Google Maps ‘Top Scenic Spots’ for 2022 include the Golden Gate Bridge and Yosemite

If there’s one suspension bridge the nation reveres, it’s that glorious span serving a world-class metropolis that once had a tilting problem and is the fetching color of a fish belly — yes, the beloved Manhattan Bridge linking lower Manhattan to Brooklyn.

At least that’s according Google’s 2022 “Year in Search” for the United States, which explores what trended this terrible annum (of the top 10 most-popular searches altogether, two are for lottery games and one is just “Jeffrey Dahmer”). In the category for the “Top Scenic Spots” people searched for on Google Maps, the winner is “Dumbo: Manhattan Bridge View, Brooklyn, New York.” The Golden Gate Bridge, recently dubbed the most-photographed bridge in the world, gets second place with “Golden Gate View Point, Mill Valley, California.”

The Manhattan Bridge, left, and the Brooklyn Bridge as seen from One World Trade Center in New York. (AP photo/Mark Lennihan)

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