Has Kanye West Given Up on Kim Kardashian Amid Julia Fox Romance?

In a truly Keeping Up With the Kardashians drama-worthy storyline, E! spoke to a source who made it clear that despite Kanye West’s public dates with Julia Fox and others and his ex Kim Kardashian’s vacation with new boyfriend Pete Davidson, West is still determined to reconcile with Kardashian. Kardashian filed for divorce last February. She requested to be made legally single last month as they finalize their divorce.

Kardashian wrote in court documents that “irreconcilable differences have led to the irremediable breakdown of the marriage, and there is no possibility of saving the marriage through counseling or other means.” West seems to disagree and thinks they’re destined to be together again.

E!’s source said, “Kanye has not given up on Kim. She’s the only one in his heart and he believes they are soulmates and will end up back together.”

kim kardashian and kanye west before their split

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West before their split

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Fox and the other women he’s spent time with publicly since the divorce are nothing serious. “The other women that he is spending time with are a distraction,” the source said. “He likes the attention that he’s getting from them, but that’s all it is. Kim is still the only one he truly wants to be with.”

Kardashian doesn’t seem to feel the same way at all. A source spoke to The Sun yesterday about how unimpressed she is by West’s attempts to woo her while dating other women.

“Kim thinks it’s comical Kanye went from begging her to come back to showcasing his new girl all over the city within days,” the source said. “She knows it’s not serious and is just typical hijinks from Kanye. Kim thinks it’s another desperate attempt to make her jealous. She honestly doesn’t care, she’s very over him at this point so his little game isn’t working. All she cares about right now involving Kanye is raising their four kids and making sure they have a happy life, that’s it.”

A source told E! yesterday that Kardashian’s romance with Davidson, which started in the fall, is actually getting “very serious.”

“He has been hanging out at her house more,” the source said. “She’s smitten and the relationship is very exciting to her.”

The source noted that it’s a bicoastal, long-distance love as Kardashian lives in California and Davidson lives in Staten Island, New York. “They are making the distance work, and he’s planning to be in L.A. more often now,” the source said.

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