Highest International Offer Rs 2.4 Cr on 1st Day

Students from the Institute of Indian Technology, Delhi (IITD) have received over 1,300 job offers in the first phase of placements this year. During this phase, which went underway from December 1 to 15, more than 1,150 students have been uniquely selected.

These offers also include over 260 pre-placement offers (PPO) and close to 30 international offers. With such towering numbers, IITD has recorded its highest-ever number of placements till mid-December. The placement season is set to continue till the end of May 2023.

Data by IITD suggests that the number of unique selections during this period has increased by more than 10 per cent compared to the last year. PPOs received this year have also broken all records set at the institute.

Students at the institute also received more than 30 international offers from 15 international organisations. These jobs are spread across regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, the Netherlands, Japan, and Hong Kong.

In addition, ten students have opted for the institute’s deferred placement facility. The facility is extended to students who hope to establish a startup post-graduation. Those who opt for the deferred placement option can avail the placement services once within two years after choosing this option.

Head of the Office of Career Services at IITD, Dr Anishya Obhrai Madan, said that “companies from the Core Sector and Analytics domains have recruited in larger numbers this year. Most students have opted for jobs in their technical core.” She said that IT and Analytics are core to some departments like Computer Science, Mathematics, and Computing, adding that “many companies registering under the ‘Finance’ track are recruiting for Fintech roles. Further, students from management studies opted for roles in ‘Management’.”

So far, over 500 organisations, collectively offering 1000-plus job profiles, have registered to hire students from IITD.

News18 had previously reported that IITs across the country have broken records for the maximum package this year. As many as three students from IIT Delhi, Bombay and Kanpur received job offers of Rs 4 crores, the highest salary offered so far.

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